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A bit more, worked on Cadence and Bale, since i was using gold and silver for a few places. All that I need to do on Cadence now is her blonde hair and I'm going to add some flowers to her base like an adoring fan threw some up to her as she was performing, right next to the gold coins she's accumulated.





Bale, I went ahead and added the silver ornamentation to his armor, painted his axe blade and then highlighted the gold armor.



Pretty happy with all of them thus far, not my competition quality pieces, but for tabletop + I feel it's pretty good and they are nearly ready to be put on the table and will look nice for the players.

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Got on a roll today and finished Bale and Cairan. I'll take final pics here in a few minutes after I've eaten my late lunch and post up in their own show-off areas with links here.


I'm also working on another tabletop + piece, but not for the game, it's one that's waaaay overdue for a friend. 

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