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GW "shades": Inks by any other name?

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They're ready-made washes. Inks, in my experience, are very stout. Citadel used to produce inks, too, but they quit when they came out with these washes. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they're paint with a lot of medium added.

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They're washes and used to be labeled as such. The paint change they did during my hiatus changed them to Shades. They're one of the few parts of the Citadel paint line that I really like. They aren't super shiny, but not 100% matte either. It depends on how much you glop up a figure with them. I use them for nooks and crannies shadows generally, and first rounds of shading but then go smooth things out with layering/glazing with manually thinned paint. 

The black and brown are used a ton. 

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