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Lt. Coldfire

14266: Selthak Poisoner,Overlords Solo

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I like him! The poison daggers made me think of playing World of Warcraft. He looks great, very mysterious and deadly!

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That looks great!!!


I wonder how this would look painted white and silver as a not-Moon Knight?

Especially with the daggers converted to escrima sticks.

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    • By Arc 724
      Overlords Onyx Phalanx: 14391 
      Sculpted by Tobb Harris
      Work In Progress Thread
      The Overlord Onyx Phalanx is done in True Metallic Metal Style. This was my first attempt at flocking. Although it turned out alright I have learned not to use super glue for that process...




      Thanks for all your support Reaper Community. :)
      C&C Welcome.
    • By dsmiles
      Here's a mini (and a half) that I was working on before I left for California. I finished her up today, and snapped a few photos.
      I drybrushed a little Mother of Pearl onto the outsides of her wings, and the blood on Sir Casualty Marker is Tamiya X-27 Clear Red.
      (Linked for Nudity)
      And some close-ups of various things (Still Linked for Nudity):
      As always, C&C welcome! 
    • By Arc 724
      14391: Overlords Onyx Phalanx
      Not sure on the direction I want to go on this one. Right now I am working with 2 different colors: Gunmetal for the main armor and Honed Silver for the highlights, etc. I may end up tinting the metal, but i'll cross that bridge later. Suggestions would - as always -  very much welcome, seriously I would appreciate peer review style comments!
      Here is two different lighting for a start comparison.

    • By smokingwreckage
      Progress on my enormous pile of Bonesium.
      Steel: "Primed" in blue liner, drybrushed up with Honed Steel, then a light drybrush of Vallejo Metallic Medium. Washed with Blue Liner - Les Wash Base, drybrushed a little more, very quick rough lining with Blue Liner. Polished Silver applied very lightly, a tiny bit of Surf Aqua mixed into VMM to do one or two spot highlights. Vallejo Smoke added to some shadows to warm them up, only a couple up high, thinned as a wash over his boots. This gives a blued steel that moves from cool to warm, none of which you can see in the photo, but IMO it gives a fast job a lot more life.
      Also, Drybrush was done so as to light from Up and Above the Shield. For highlight passes this was just a directional flick, when it needed a bit more coverage I gave more passes at the light source, less away. Final highlight drybrushes were only given where this directional lighting held, plus a tiny bit against this rule for ambient lighting and to maintain colour consistency. By starting with a simple rule in mind, again, I got a lot more looks for very little work. Best seen on the shield.
      This was really quick, since that above process covered all and 99% finished the model. Army Painter Greedy Gold dabbed onto raised gold surfaces, much more carefully on the shield to get  a smooth finish. New Gold used to highlight. A little wet blending between the two, then LWB / Vallejo Smoke to shade sword and shield "steel" and all the gold.
      Surf Aqua and Marine Teal dabbed on, then shaded with Blue Liner, then dabbed a little, drybrushed a little, tiny bit of wet blend to smooth the transitions on his cloak / surcoat / pretty dress.
      Moth Green shakily dabbed into visor and, thinned, around visor for GLOWING MASK OF EVIL.

    • By BunnyPuncher
      So I've decided to paint/repaint the Overlords army I bought to play Warlord version 1 many years ago. I have no idea how long this project will take or honestly, if I will even complete it. The boxes of unpainted WHFB in my closet indicates I'm not very good at army painting. That said, I will give this project my best shot and will certainly paint some of it
      Here is what I have:

      8 x 14360 Overlord Warrior
      4 x 14413 Overlord Spear men
      4 x 14400 Overlord Crossbowmen
      1 x 14391 Onyx Phalanx
      14267 General Matisse
      14003 Ashcrypt
      14091 Corvus, Sergeant
      14147 Andras, Captain
      14283 Merack, Sergeant
      14258 Count Lorenth, Captain
      14283 Merack
      14127 Arik, mage
      14004 Ymrilix the False, hero
      14035 Balthon, cleric
      14122 Onyx Golem
      14177 Onyx Chevalier
      14258 Count Lorenth, Captain
      Those are what I have in hand. My memory also tells me I own Ranthe Evangelist of Kardulus, Moraia Warbride of Kardulus, 3 more Onyx Phalanx, 1 more overlords warrior, 2 more crossbowmen, & Iks Sergeant. Whether these will be found or not is unknown.
      Main concern: army color.
      What oh what color do I paint all those robes? The overlords sure go to war in style don't they?
      In my mind's eye those robes are red, the armour is dark.
      Classic bad guy color, continues the war of blue (crusaders) and red, black and red look great together. Problem with red is of course - the pink & yellowish orange problem of painting in red. Not sure I need to put myself through that.
      Other possibilities: midnight blue (that could be pretty cool), royal purple (the challenge of Barney), dark green (what, defenders of the wilderness?), grey (wow that would be boring with all that armour). Any thoughts?
      Minor concern: Onyx Golem
      Perhaps the ultimate in "meh" sculpts. No idea what to do with this guy to make him awesome except replacing him with another mini or putting him on a towering base so everyone who sees him says "wow what an awesome rock!" and ignores the boring mini. Any thoughts?
      Very minor concern: Buy moar naow!
      Suggestions for future shopping list appreciated.
      My rulebook should be here on Friday or Monday so I will use that to see who I want to paint first when it comes to character/warlord/sergeant models. If history is any guide these guys are unlikely to ever take the field (they've only been in games I demoed back during 1st ed.) but this will be a fun project that only costs money I spent long ago.
      Wish me luck!
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