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Finished:     Well, actually it still needs a few minor touch-ups.  The iPad button needs to be scraped, and I need to shore up the brush and knife so they will be strong through c

So, with the advice and aid of a few others, (mostly Mori with her excellent design skills), I've been contemplating a personal project, that if it works could be very fun come this autumn, but it is

Today's progress:     Bear in mind, that for scale purposes, that is a wine cork it is on.

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Well, actually it still needs a few minor touch-ups.  The iPad button needs to be scraped, and I need to shore up the brush and knife so they will be strong through casting.


Oh, and I think I now officially qualify as crazy after having sculpted a 4mm miniature of a miniature.



OK, so "What is it?"


This all started about 6 months ago when I was looking for a small project to do in which I could try out some of my new jewelry skills.  I was reading a political site and saw a picture of a congressman wearing a Member of Congress pin.  I thought, how cool would it be if all of us forumites had pins on our ReaperCon lanyards identifying us all at a glance as members of this community.


I contacted @Morihalda and we put our heads together and came up with several designs.  This is a slightly altered version of one of Mori's concepts.


Once cured, I'll make a mold of it to make wax copies.  Then I will use my foundry to cast them up as lapel pins.  If (and this is still a big IF) all that works and they turn out, I will make them for all of us going to the con. I will be posting a Topic in the ReaperCon section when I am ready, asking who wants them.  I should note that this is my own endeavor and I am not affiliated with Reaper in this.


I am considering making two versions, bronze and pewter.  The bronze ones will be for people with forum reputations over 10,000.  That way we can at a glance know that someone is a frequent/long-time poster. I might even consider doing polished silver for the mods and admins, but we'll see if I can afford that (it really depends on how much metal they need; silver is currently at about $30 an oz.; pewter and bronze by contrast are $15 to 20 a pound, so...).


Thoughts, questions, etc...



Oh, and as a second thought, I am considering adding a raised '17 between the U and the paintbrush handle.  The down side of that is it would make this a yearly thing (which might not be a downside; though I really do not know what I am getting into with this yet, labor-wise). Thoughts?

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16 minutes ago, hosercanadian said:

If you want to add the year, cheat.


Make a mold and cast a blank.  Sculpt on the year, make a mold of that one.


Next year cast another blank, add the year...creatively edit a WIP forum entry to amuse the newbies and show off the next version.


Now that's thinking.  Great idea. 

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