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JULY WIP: Assorted Bones (goblins - pathfinder, original, bones 3, giant rats, unicorn, giant worm, reading Sophie)

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So I need to do my Bones 3 Sophie for August because a friend is in town. I decided to also do a small horde of "20" goblins because I will be GMing adventures soon that require some (I think it's officially 22?). I chose not to paint the musicians & standard bearers that are part of ogre command, or the pathfinder pyromancers set I think I have somewhere in my vault of unpainted minis, because that's a lot. I also decided to paint some other stuff of use - the unicorn because I'm currently playing a wild magic sorceror who has already summoned a unicorn twice! a purple worm because I have been waiting forever for a restock, and some rats because they always useful. One day I will also paint up all my kobolds and there will be a great and terrible battle (and realistically, the goblins will win because there are twice as many).

Unpainted photo soon - the minis are all currently drying. I will only prime/ base coat today due to leaving for game in 5 hours.

Paging @buglips*the*goblin: I want to make sure I'm not painting diseased goblins. If I remember correctly, blue is a no? tanned through yellow, orange, reddish tinges are okay, and green too?

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I gotta say the new bones 3 goblins are a joy to paint. They're TINY, way smaller than the original goblins, but they're sturdier (thanks, new bonesium formula), and they're really easy to paint despite the size. They're mostly skin, so you can slop the skin tones on messily, give em a bit of a wash, then re-base and highlight and they look great. I kinda love the pot-bellies, and the funny expressions.

I took some mid-day process pics, but I'm not sure if I'm going to post anything until I've got base skin on all the goblins.

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I changed my mind here's pics. They're all outdated, though.

Worm has had blue and pink dry brush and a purple wash, and the stones have been base coated since. The unihorn had a wash and touch up, some highlights on the skin, and some touch-ups on the mane and tail (dark wash and re apply base as dry brush).


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The rats have eyes and teeth, and I'm pretty sure are done. The worm has had dry brushing on stones and touch ups on the maw. It too is done. The uni has the beginning of a broccoli base painted, shading, and the spotting on the belly. It is mostly done.

The goblins still need some leathers but have clothes and weapons.

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Metal applied to goblins and Sophie mostly base coated. I tried a transitional base for the uni-grass with dirt and stone ahead to represent their ability to bring the good. We'll see how it looks later... Terrible when I left it. Pics later, no room on my phone.

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Uni base is done. Glazed Sophie's lantern a yellow light. Still need to shade & highlight clothes, do bright hair where light hits. Touch up podium and books and wash base. And EYES! I found out I have more time.

Goblins got some highlights. They need eyes and bases.

None of this is worth a photo.

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Goblins can haz eyeballz. But no red pupils yet. Did a bit of highlights on the lit areas of Sophie's hair/clothing and base coats on last remaining items of Sophie's-goblet, I'm calling it a chest, and scroll cases. Once I've added the metallics to those and highlights/shadows/details I'll only have her eyes, makeup, and illustrations on the book pages left.

Photos later today.

Highlights and shadows for the goblin commander's cloak too.

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Unihorn in show-off now.

I'll send the rats and worm next.


Since bones 3 kickstarter, I've had the plan of shrinking down a friend's doodles, gluing them in place, then painting over the lines before a wash. I couldn't get anything to print legibly yet still small enough for the pages. I tried roughly duplicating the images in white paint, but that wasn't working either. Finally I just did random squiggles and called it a day. I'll take pics later if it's okay, and link to the new show-off threads.




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