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IKEA Monter adaptatation

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Not much time at all.


For just an 'open' inside(as it is sold), it's just a moments work to stick it to one side(since most LED strips have adhesive backing). Then you just need to feed the wires out through a hole you make somewhere in a corner. (The back is pretty weak, really. And the wood of the frame is soft and should be easy to cut into if you so desire)


LED Lights together with shelves is a bit more difficult as you'll either need a strip for each shelf, or use transparent shelves.


A bonus with using 5mm foamboard is that it's thick enough to hide all kinds of wires.

And that is also why I didn't glue anything in place. I can easily pull out parts and modify them by carving out channels for wires and stuff. 


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47 minutes ago, Guindyloo said:

Great idea! It turned out perfect!


One of these days I'm going to make a trip to IKEA - there isn't one within 8 hours of me.


My nearest IKEA is 3 hours and a ferry ride away, one way. The next is about 5 Hours away. But they have a 'pickup point' in a town that's only 1.5Hours and a ferry ride away. (There's no showroom, or even Cash'n Carry in that pickup point, though, so what's the point? 2/3 of my IKEA shopping is decided while in the store... )


Just checked, and Kasseby is not one of the items they sell online.

There may be a transport company near you that has regular 'IKEA service'.

(They do the shopping and transport for you. Can be costly, though)


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