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I've completed a second batch of miniatures from Bones 3.  I'm glad to be done with them, and some may have been a bit rushed; I bit off a bit more than I could chew.  The Plague Marines, Cave Goblins, and some random others were all on the table at the same time.

First, a group shot:



A bundle of terrain, from the Crypt expansion.  One wall is not, and was a sample from the ReaperCon swag bag.  It just snuck in!




Goremaw, the Devourer of paint!  I'm so glad I used craft paints on him, I'm not sure how many bottles of purple I would have gone through otherwise.



A Halfling Stereotype.  You'd see a statue like this in front of any fantasy pizza place.



hadn't noticed that moldline across his chest until I was uploading the photo...yikes!

"Hey you guuuys!"


really enjoyed painting this one.  I experimented a bit with his skin and tried to match him to the pale tones of the D&D pre-paint Fomorians.  He's not quite there, but I like how he came out.




Bandit. One of my favorites from the set. "Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt" gave me a new appreciation for the simple thugs that show up in every game.

I hadn't realized he was meant to be wearing pants until I was inking him, and saw the patch over the knee.  I liked the lesser-dressed look, so I painted it up to be a bloody bandage slapped over the knee instead.

Half-Orc Merchant.  Not much to be said about him, I just painted him in the style of my Warhammer Empire troops.596641844c280_merchanta.thumb.jpg.56ea11abb4a69930ea5372ded421ca0d.jpg59664185273e2_merchantb.thumb.jpg.dc98529a94bff8d287a3efe7dc7e1f1b.jpg

Lastly, a bunch of Dwarves.  Beagle knows it's not a Kickstarter unless it has a Dwarf or two in it.










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