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Vintage Harlequin Trouper with Lasgun and Shuriken Pistol

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It's been ages since I posted on the forums, so I decided I needed to get back to my roots.. As such I got myself one of what I remember as the very first miniature I ever painted, way back in '89!  I haven't decided on all of the colours to use, but one thing I knew from the start was that back then I did the mohawk in all the rainbow, and this one I just had to do the same!


Well, thiese are my progress pics so far, I don't want to rush this as it's honestly now a really important mini to me.  Comments and advice for how to proceed will be gladly accepted!







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4 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

I too am a fan of rainbows lately (working on a rainbow lady I am kinda dubbing Pride Fairy). Looking like this guy is a lot of fun!

He is a lot of fun!  I much prefer GW's older miniatures to the new stuff, too fussy as well as overpriced. 

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Sorry for the slow update, but here is the progress I have made. I know it's relatively basic, but until I can get suitable basing materials, I think this is as far as I can take the paint job on the harlequin!  Unless somebody can give me some advice on how best to proceed.




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