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77199: Thund Bloodwrack, Barbarian


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Alas, in attempting to remove the mold line from his head, I instead removed his left ear and half of his right ear.  He's been in some bad bar fights, it seems.  After that I quit worrying about it and moved on, figuring that if I spent much more time on that mold line he wouldn't have much head left.


I removed the axe he was originally holding in his left hand, and also cut off his right hand, painted it separately, and rotated it so that the sword is pointing more out and less down.  It may be a little more awkward to position in the map with the sword sticking out and bumping minis, but I think it looks better that way.


I spent almost no time on highlighting.  It was -- get a clean base coat on, wash, hit a few of the highest points really fast and move on.  The figure itself took four hours.  The base added another 2.5 hours.  And it was all done in one sitting.


And on that note, it is long past time for bed.

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