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Broken God Cadence - an ub3r Show off

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I love it!

Especially the shadows on her outfit!


Well done!


*** Say? Might she be interested in a Wolf to keep her company? She looks a bit lonely...:wub:***

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Thanks, everyone! 


She was fun to do, I'm trying to get myself to do more TT+ figures so I can up my production. I always seem to bog down into the details so not doing so is nice.

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3 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

Very nice conversion! What did you do for the gold coins at her feet? 

Thank you!


I rolled up some greenstuff into a very very thin "cylinder" and then let it cure and then when it was hardened I used my x-acto blade to cut about every 1mm a slice out of it like you would with a cucumber while making dinner salad. Then I put all the little "coins" into a baggie to use whenever I needed to add them to treasure piles or random scattered coins. 

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