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Finished with my latest show and will have at least two months before I'm in another.  Figured out that having a nice hobby room all to myself didn't work so well as my wife would find things for me to do so that I didn't go in there and leave her feeling alone.  Moved my big painting desk back out into the living room so progress should be fine and if she leaves, she's not upset about it.  


I had last stopped working on Yagun Oog well over a month ago, so I didn't want to try to jump back in on him right away.  Last week saw the Hangout Mini of the Month was another ogre, Kagunk, so I ordered him and he arrived yesterday in the mailbox.  After the show finished, I broke him open and began removing mold lines and smoothing things out.  For a while it seemed this was going to take several days, but soon I was back in the rhythm and by the time I write this he is ready for a washing.




As you can see, he is slightly large.  In fact, I had to go scrounging in the cabinets to find something I could put him on to paint him.  The jeweler's vice would sort of work, but without a tab that is problematic.  Nope, he is going to get a glass jar of high quality olives and a lot of white-tack.  He will see brown liner or primer tomorrow!  Also going to have to figure out a base for him as the large 50 cm rounds I had donated by Jasper the 2nd are not quite big enough.  He may get a slice of a cedar limb, we'll see...

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Have managed to put paint on Kagunk every night so far after he had his bath... even though I was slightly distracted cleaning up a couple of CAV miniatures.

Here is Round I tonight:


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Second skin tone base layer.  Now, with more even-ness!

Also added some white to his eyes.  Of which I managed to not notice that I got all out of focus as my wife was home and talking to me...


The photo still shows his arms and even his front foot well enough... so, it will do for now.  Onwards and upwards.  

I intended to come back and do leather layers when my wife went to bed, but came back to the Hangouts and no one was on, so I created a Season 11 Necromancer in Diablo III.  


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I have 1 problem with this... his eyes and teeth are too white.  I'd recommend you use a more yellowed or dirtier white or a wash over them. Even humans do not have perfectly white whites of their eyes. 

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Yep.  I agree.  I was going with an off-white, but I've got to go back and hit that with much less white.  And I remembered I had the Lizardmen GW iBook, so I pulled it up before I left this morning so I can try to color match some of that and go back in on his teeth.  Worst case I dust it with liner again...

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Painted leather last night and then again this afternoon.  Started with a Muddy Brown on the majority of the leather areas, except for the studded leather areas.  Added VMC Mahogany Brown for a reddish tint.  Then added Leather Brown mixed with the Mahogany Brown, but it went very light... much lighter than I intended at this point.  Went ahead and added some straight Leather Brown on the highlight areas and then took the Muddy Brown and Mahogany Brown mixed and thinned it down... should have thinned more, but ended up with a heavy wash over the leather.  And this is where we are.  


Will work on the tusks and the horn more later.  Need to find a more neutral brown to layer up from.


Edit: Evening

Added another skin layer.  Shows up better on the back...


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Thanks to @Cranky Dog I was able to see what some of the lines are doing and identify where the problem was on the ear.  

There is a flap of metal (thicker than flash... odd) above his ear in-line with his brow ridge.  


Now... it's time to Operate!  At least there's no buzzer if I mess up... though... maybe I wish there was....

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Operation performed with a dull scalpel and some scraping tools to get all that mess out of there... and some base layer instant skin added back on...


And while I was at it... I realized I should have just gotten some old kombucha lids and put the other pieces on there.  Since I have to go back up through the layers anyway on the ear and shoulder, might as well add the hand.  And the shield got splattered in liner...


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Brought the damaged area back up to the skin tone it was before.  Then started working on metallics.  As this was the first time, I found some of it very interesting.  


May have had too much fun with the shield, but I'm liking how these work together... at least for now.  We'll see if that changes after it dries.  And I need to get some contrast in some of it with some wash and figure out if I just want the mouth darker or do something different.  

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