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I got the critters as an addon to the DSM kickstarter recently. The first thing I am painting is this guy, a musk ox warrior. He's big, so priming took a while. And I am using a crummy brush for base coating all this fur because it is a brush mangler until I get to the nitpicky stuff. 


I'm trying to make the small bit of chainmail 1) NMM to see if I can do it and 2) slightly tarnished. I don't think thia guy is good at cleaning. 


Armor color themes I am thinking dark red primarily, with black, blue, and green accents. I was looking up eskimo art for the sake of doing his belt-thing justice, and those seem like reasonable colors to go with. 


Thanks to the CMPA for the poster tack and the jar idea - had to find a big jar for him!





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He's looking more shaggyrific. I did multiple dark colors on the eyes, but I don't know that they really show up. Then again, looking up musk ox, their eyes are pretty darn black anyway. 



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Got the knife done.


The pommel was probably intended to be bone and I went for a darker metal. Maybe it is bone coated in dark iron. 


The coloring was fun. 


Put a chevron on the front. Colored the knobs. 


I think the extra color on these helps balance the fish out. 


Thinking that the fuzzy trim should be a medium tone slightly reddish brown. 





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I am a bit unsure about the colors I have for the boots and the trim now. I don't know if I can balance them well with the club over his head. The brown I chose is visually a similar tone as the red, and it is a lot in one spot. Maybe I highlight it? 


Will get pictures soon (phone vs computer typing). 

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