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17 hours ago, vulture said:

This is a really inspiring post - I may have to do my undying lords as a group as well. great idea. nice paint, too. I like that you stuck with the classic colors for each ; Ill have to steal that as well.

Thanks!  One of the things I've tried to improve on is the range of colors I use while painting.  Coming from the Warhammer background, so many things were super-uniform and done to speed along painting.  While I still focus on quantity done in the long run, I've tried to mix up schemes and use more tones.  Back in the old days all of the Undead would've just been wearing moldy browns. 




6 hours ago, Pochi said:

I so want to get a few more Hobbits and mix in some more human skeletons and have an undead fellowship. ::D: Your are well painted and I like the bright color contrast with the bone. Great job!

Thank you!  If you want some variety in your Undead Halflings, TAG puts out a great set:


Stonehaven Miniatures also makes a great Skeletal Halfling in the style of Bilbo:


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