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About this project


Werewolf vs. Vampire is a tactical game that brings these creatures to life through their unique abilities. Plan ahead by building paths through this unknown world. But watch out, your opponent is trying to block you just as much as you are trying to block them!
This game was born from wanting to create something both my girlfriend and my son could play and enjoy, while developing their tactical skills. So, both beginners and advanced students of tactics and strategy can play to win!
Will you play as the crafty Vampire? Or the vicious Werewolf? Support the game with your pledge to play!
The game supports 2 players with the playable clans of Werewolf, Vampire.  

*Three player rules including theThe Hunter is a stretch goal.



The story of Werewolf vs. Vampires immerses you into the dark realm of these creatures. Choose from playing as the Vampire seeking to retrieve the potion that will save their race, or the Werewolf who's tracking down the Vampire. As the Vampire you'll be able to transform into a bat and cast powerful illusions. As the Werewolf, you can use your savage bite as well as supernatural speed to gain the advantage.


Who created the game


Created by game designer Torsten Dinkheller, who was the artist on the PC game Gothic and designer of mobile titles like Dungeon Keeper and Secret Files Tunguska, with stunning Artwork by Jeff Ward and Miniatures from James Van Schaik (sculpted the miniatures for Gloomhaven).  

Werewolf and Vampire Setting  

Each of the two clans in Werewolf vs. Vampire draw you into their world with unique abilities that sets them apart from the others and affects all players' strategies.  

Special Abilities

Werewolf Bite – With animal savagery you devastate a Location. Once per round, the Werewolf can remove any location and take it into the hand.  

Werewolf Speed – Instead of secretly, simply fast. The Werewolf can cross a single Vampire Path.

Vampire Batform – You rise into the air and transform into a bat. A missing path between two locations can be skipped.  

Vampire Illusion – The Path before you finds itself back to its natural form. The Vampire removes all Werewolf Paths on a straight extension through its own Location.

Rules and special abilities are explained in detail in the Tantrum House preview further down.

Replayability and Difficulty Level  

Each game in Werewolf vs. Vampire is different. There are almost unlimited ways a game plays out, while maintaining the theme of the setting. 
A bit of luck makes the game great for casual gamers, while the skill system will challenge tactical maniacs time and time again.  

Game Components  

  • 1x Gameboard (mat)
  • 2x Wooden Meeples (Miniatures are AddOns)  
  • 10x Wooden Locations  
  • 10x Paths  
  • 1x Hideout-Path  
  • 10x Special Ability Cards  
  • 4x Illusion Tokens  
  • 2x 10-sided Dice  
  • 2x Bag s 
  • 1x Rulebook
Prototype Material: (Photos by Unfiltered Gamer)


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