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Ancient Dice: 50,000 Year Old Dice

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About this project

The invention of dice can be traced back almost 5000 years. 

However, the dice you see before you now, retain a much deeper history than that.

Crafted from the world's oldest wood, these dice are carbon dated to be 50,000 years old - 10 times older than the invention of dice themselves!

This is your chance to own a rare artefact of our planet's immense history!

Introducing the most fascinating gaming accessory in the world...


 The Wood: Ancient Kauri


Ancient Kauri is the oldest and most exotic wood in the world. Not one tree was cut down to harvest it. 

Tsunamis levelled the mighty Kauri forests during the Stone Age, leaving the trees buried just below the surface of the ground and preserved in the water of peat swamps. 

The Ancient Kauri wood has neither petrified nor turned to coal. This underground resting place, sealed from the air, became a perfectly balanced cocoon that preserved the giant trees for 50,000 years.

The wood used to craft the Ancient Dice is sourced from the awesome people over at Ancient Wood Ltd. All wood comes with certificates of aunthenticity. 


The natural iridescence of this incredible wood resonates the historical significance behind these dice.

There is a very limited amount of Ancient Kauri on the planet. 

These dice shift the barrier between present day, and The Stone Age. To own one is to own a genuine prehistoric artefact; a glowing relic of truly ancient history.

50,000 Years Old


To give some context as to just how old these dice are, here’s some info on how different things were here on Earth, when the trees used to carve these dice fell:

  • Population was less than 10000 – humans faced extinction.
  • Spoken and written language did not yet exist. 
  • The Ice Age persisted.
  • Humans lived in the Stone Age - coexisting with Neanderthals.
  • Europe's population was 0.
  • Since the trees fell, the moon has orbited Earth 675,925 times.
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Top Posters In This Topic

spoken language did not exist 50.000 years ago? bullocks to that. our kind of homo sapiens humans have existed at least 200.000 years. as if our ancestors did not evolve the capacity to speak along side the physical traits needed to form words.

so that statement is what we call bovine manure.


which also makes all other statements made doubtful.

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There exists examples of 'Proto Writing' from as far back as 6600BC. 

That doesn't cover cave paintings, though, which can be dated to 40.000 years ago. And many of those clearly have MEANING in them. 

And there's no reason to believe that the concept of 'writing' in any form came before a spoken language, no matter how primitive. 


Also, I thought it was illegal to export anything but finished products or 'stumps' of Ancient Kauri wood from NZ?

(The Project originates in the UK?)

And the Ancient Wood Ltd company is in the USA? 


While it's very beautiful wood, it's also a limited and very finite resource. 

I'm sitting this one out on principle.

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1 hour ago, Maledrakh said:

spoken language did not exist 50.000 years ago? bullocks to that. our kind of homo sapiens humans have existed at least 200.000 years. as if our ancestors did not evolve the capacity to speak along side the physical traits needed to form words.

so that statement is what we call bovine manure.


which also makes all other statements made doubtful.

What we think of as true spoken language is thought by many to have originated between 60,000 - 100,000 years ago, but depending on what you think of as the rudimentaries of language, it may have begun as long as 2.3 million years ago, with an ancestor.


Either way, they needed to think this through a bit more.

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1 hour ago, Leader of the Rats said:

I really really really want to know what an electric guitar sounds like made from this 50,000 yr old wood ::o:


Or, a violin..!


Either way. There's a Kickstarter. :blues:

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There was an article just published in Nature where some aboriginal artifacts, including ochre crayons, were dated to 65,000 years ago using OSL. Plenty of time there for a few humans to have headed north into Europe. The art no longer exists, but the scientist are pretty sure that was why the aborigines were grinding ochre.

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I am quite sure that one of the main reasons our type of homo sapiens humans are so totally dominating the world to the point that there are no other sapient species (such as Neanderthals) left at all, is that the ability to communicate to transfer ideas and concepts effectively both when present (speaking) and with those that are not present (writing) gave us the edge when competing for survival to the point of wiping out all other competitors. Ergo, those abilities evolved with us, and must be as old as our species is. Writing follows speach.


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The Archaeological accuracy of a dice Kickstarter* not withstanding, how durable is Kauri wood?


Are these things practically usable, or just a display curiosity?




* - Also leaving aside that calling dice made from 50,000 year old wood 50,000 year-old dice, is like calling my kitchen counter top 100,000,000 years old because it is made from 100 million-year-old granite **. ::P:

** - No, I do not actually know the age of the stone deposit from which my countertop was quarried. I just know it wasn't formed last Thursday.


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Most Kauri isn't really that rare or valuable.  I am looking at a massive slab of it right now in my kitchen (a cutting board).  It is a touristy thing in NZ to pick up handicrafts made from it.  I'm not sure making dice out of it would be practical in terms of momentum/heft.


Unless this guy (in Belfast?) can prove that he has sourced actual Ancient swamp Kauri from one of the known locations in the North Island of NZ where it gets pulled up out of the earth, then either he has some recently felled Kauri (so not that old.  The trees are rare and protected but sometimes fall over etc), or some regular swamp Kauri (old but still not that old) or some other wood with a similar look.  Since he is putting a finish on it for hardness you'll never be able to check.


Unless you cut it in half.

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9 minutes ago, Erk said:

This has all the hallmarks of a Kickstarter scam to me.


He did a previous project which claimed to be an "element cube" containing 62 elements in it.  There were almost 1890 backers for that and he appears to have satisfied most of them, but there are a few gripes in the comments section. 


I wouldn't back this (or the previous) project myself but I hesitate to call something a scam unless I can clearly prove fraudulent intentions. 

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