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Help with Kristianna & Bergun

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I'm working with Kristianna and her squire. The clothing is almost done on her, still in progress with the boy. I still have a lot of work with the golds and gems, but my main concern is her armour. 

I decided to try and copy the scheme of Anne Foerster on Reaper's catalogue, but I'm not happy at all with how it looks now. 

I always had trouble highlighting whites and blacks, and I think here it shows. There is almost none, and I dont know if I should give it a wash or what. Tips? 


The faces are also a bit awkward, particularly her lips and all of the squire's face. 


Then we have Bergun. Although I'm not sure about the highlights on his sleeve, I think I'm done with him. I painted his face better than Kristianna's I think, but I would like your opinion about the amulet. I tried to give it a magical light glow. Since it's supposed to be from a solar god, I used oranges-yellows, but it kind of looks like tanned. What do you think, should I use white, or a lighter yellow? 





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They look pretty good, here's a couple of really good tutorials on how to paint black and white and a video for OSL on the amulet:


Painting Black - Massive Voodoo, which is run by Roman Lappat, one of the absolute best painters in the world.

Painting White - David Powell (bailey03 on the forum) another great painter

OSL (object source lighting) video - By James Wappel (for the amulet)


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That face on Bergun is really nice.


I like the white on Kristianna's armor pretty well the way it is. Maybe her headband could use a little detail? I think the squire's tabard might look a little better with more shading down the middle of the while insignia?

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