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The NecroBard, Cyr's Lucky DSM Glitch

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I got my Stephanie Law KS pack from DSM. Its awesome. There are many more pieces to glue than in Reaper figures so I'm kinda worried about that. Anyway, onto the not so pressing but very fun matter. 


I had the honor of being the first one to get a goofed up package in the kickstarter. I got the male necromancer (arms and body), the arms of the male bard, and a second male necromancer body. DSM swiftly sent out a replacement bard, complete with a body and arms. 


Goal: The Necrobard


Now I have spare bard arms and a spare necromancer body. Dilemma: the arms are well, arms. The body needs a single arm. The socket is also not perfect due to slightly different clothing but it is darn close. The arm and the arm-hole that are needed are both at the elbow joint. 


How would you recommend taking the right hand off the lute so that the male necromancer can be holding a lute in front of him in his left hand? Thus he would become the necrobard, who would sing the dead back to life. 


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Just now, Lucian523 said:

I would use small wire cutters then file the rest of the hand off with a small file. I'm curious to see what others say.

Yep, this. I would use my hobby clippers to cut around the hand as close as I could and then use various diamond files to shape and remove any excess metal from around or inside it. If you want to give the hand the ability to hold something, then I'd use my pin vice and drill out the hole for a weapon or held item. 

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The lute I imagine staying in his left hand. Wonder if I could paint the back of the lute to look like a skull. 


But removing the right hand... mkay, clip and file.


Ideas on the subtle tweaking of the joint which will get epoxied? The cuff is a bit big. Do I keep the bard cuff or not?


My friend wants to do this with poprock boy band songs modified for zombies. 


Also I just realized something...


1) My Chemical Romance in music video of Black Parade is PERFECT for this. Please Youtube it if it pleases you.


2) I also need to file and greenstuff the lute into a guitar or just more guitarlike.

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12 minutes ago, Hello_Hellstorm said:

Booooo, BOOOOOOOOO. (totally not a biased party here or anything).


Honestly, I've enjoyed them occasionally but they aren't a favorite of mine. But the outfit works. My friend making up pop-ish remixes regarding zombies screams for an emo punk pop rock boy band. And..... they fit the bill. I'm much more into the symphonic metal. 


Hey, MCR will be an entertaining paint job! 


Photos to come after I have some tea. Tea is life. Tea is love. 

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Ok some photos of questionable quality. 


The arm to keep on the lute is held at the neck. No big deal there. But at the elbow there is a cuff (crisp and triangular). It doesn't really fit with the necromancer's cuff (frilled). But the knob/socket in these seems like I can't shave off the cuff well on the bard arm without losing the socket. Green stuff and poke it till it works? File and green stuff? 


Also: see those horizontal ridges on the tunic? Yeah. Kinda Black Parade-like. 










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Honestly, what I'd do is clip and file off the joining of both sides so they were flat and would fit together nicely.


Then I would drill into both sides and glue/pin together after dry-fitting. If there's a gap or some aesthetic work, I would use greenstuff or procreate to fill or sculpt the area to blend together. 

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I have clipped/filed the spare arm off of the lute. I have filed the other arm cuff somewhat smooth (easier to work with later). I flattened the lump on the necrobard elbow and hand drilled into the two arm pieces. 


My first try of epoxying the wire into the elbow went poorly. I didn't mix it well enough or something - it was staying tacky and goopy. Hopefully the second try hardens it up. 

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The second try failed. ~15 hours to cure a bit and it is gunky and wiggly. Heck with it, I'm cleaning that and using super glue. :wacko:


Advice for epoxy in the future? My fairy worked ok. This... nope. 


The crossbow I epoxied onto a halfling also failed. GAH. 

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48 minutes ago, Cyradis said:

The second try failed. ~15 hours to cure a bit and it is gunky and wiggly. Heck with it, I'm cleaning that and using super glue. :wacko:


Advice for epoxy in the future? My fairy worked ok. This... nope. 


The crossbow I epoxied onto a halfling also failed. GAH. 

What kind of epoxy are you using?


Tip: always mix the 2 part stuff REALLY REALLY well, squish and twist and get it nicely all the same color without any swirls or weird colors. I've always had good luck with green stuff and ProCreate and apoxy sculpt. They all need to be mixed equal parts of the two parts. 

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