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    • By Lidless Eye
      So, I realized something about my Frostgrave collection: it's lacking painted Wizards!  Something I could easily fix.
      After the "Into the Breeding Pits" Gnickstarter came in, I scoured my collection for appropriate arcane types.  Most had been sitting in boxes unloved for some time.

      My hope is to be able to run demos with these additions representing various schools.
      First, the gathering of Schools:

      A Necromancer Wizard (Reaper Miniatures Darkrasp)

      His Apprentice (Mage Knight)

      A Thaumaturge, a Reaper miniature picked up many moons ago for use in D&D 4E's "Revenge of the Giants" game.  

      A Warmage from the old Chainmail line of D&D minis, who I think seems best suited to be an Elementalist:

      A Summoner from Reaper Bones:

      A Soothsayer also from Reaper Bones:

      A Wizard from the Warcrow range, who may instead see use as an Apothecary in the planned Arabian Nights style warband:

      An Elven Mage, who was also painted when I realize I didn't have any painted Elf Mages for a recent one-shot D&D game (Reaper Bones again)

      A Heresy Miniatures Wizard, who had his staff lost to the winds of time and replaced with a Warhammer Elven Blade:

      And last, some of the actual Frostgrave line from Northstar Miniatures.

      An Elementalist Apprentice:

      And the set of Beastcrafters:


    • By hiddenone32
      I have chosen the sorcerer Lamann to be my next victim to splash some paint on.

      I got to use Reaper's Grey Primer 9299 for the first time.  I love it so much over the Vallejo Surface Primer.  The Vallejo primer seems kinda watery to me compared to the Reaper primer.  Also Vallejo's primer bubbled up on me a lot when I would use it.  This is the first of Reaper's primers that I've tried.  I have the black and the white and I hope I love them as much as this one.


      I laid down a few basecoats while at a friend's place Friday and this is as far as I've gotten so far.  I used MSP Bones Oceanic Blue 9418 for his robes, MSP Bones Styx Purple 9423 for his tabards (not sure what you call them really), and MSP Woodstain Brown 9160 for the staff.


      I'm planning on getting the rest of the basecoats down tomorrow.  It looks to be a busy weekend so I don't think I'll get much done then.
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