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Does it make me a complete dork that I never considered that Bones would float?  :P


Re: MOAR POWER.  I'm not really planning to do any sort of mass boiling -- like everybody else, I've been using the microwave and a pyrex dish up to now.  But now that I've got both Tianot and Dragons Don't Share, I thought I might need a bigger boat pot...

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15 hours ago, Laoke said:

....drop the floppy Bones into a bowl of iced water.


I'm beginning to think that shock cooling the figures might be counterproductive. Annealing the plastic (allowing it to cool much more slowly) might result in internal stresses relaxing and the figures not going back to the bent position. (It's a standard practice in plastic molding and extrusion.)


Allowing the figures to cool in the water should be enough if it's going to help. The problem, of course, is when the figure doesn't go to the right position by heating alone and needs to be secured in place during cooling. Be creative. :poke:

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