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I haven't held a brush in many years, but it was bound to happen again--Evil cannot be contained forever.  I now commence the assault on your senses with a selection of miniatures.  The pictures aren't very good, but we have a start(l)ing place.  Besides, they've just gone through the liner so there's not much (Deep HurtingTM) to see yet.  Right now, I'll be looking for tabletop quality.


The Imperial Assault minis are the group we've been using for the campaign and a selection of wookiees because I thought they might be fun.  Diala Passil (Force-wielding twi'lek) is my character. I plan on painting her pretty closely to the character art.  One of the Wookiee Warriors has been hit with Grey Liner, and the other with Brown Liner.  I think the grey one will be an older wookie with white/grey fur or perhaps some streaks.  I might make the other Warrior a very dark brown or even black.  Gaarkhan (wookiee) is another player and will be a lighter (blonde-ish) furred individual.  Chewbacca has been included because he was feeling left out, and it's not wise to upset a wookiee.  Mak Eshka'Rey (bothan) is our ranged fighter/sniper.  Mak will be painted orange/amber as inspired by our youngest cat and will have a blue uniform because I don't much care for green.  Davith Elso (Force-wielding human) rounds out the party.  Davith will also probably closely match the character art.  


The goal is to have the four PCs all painted for the final game of the campaign in three weeks.






The Undertaker has been given his base of Brown Liner.  I'll never use it in a game, but he would make a decent representation of The Necromancer for a fantasy setting that sometimes lurks in my head.  The Grave Minions (not pictured--I'm working on it) will be with him and undercoated with Blue Liner.  I could really use more Minions (perhaps even some worker-types).  I think they're really a neat little concept.  Anyway, these will be companions to The Necromancer.  I'm betting that at least one will have a white pumpkin for a head, and will all have a blue glow (if I can manage it) in their heads.  Vorvorlaka has received his Grey Liner.  I'm thinking he will be either grey, or very pale.  He might be "in limbo" for some time as I work that out.  The Graveyard Golem was also subjected to Grey Liner.  This one just jumped out at me as an incredible figure during the campaign.  I thought it was one of the coolest things, even though I'm unlikely to ever use it.  It's a little intimidating realizing just how much opportunity for color there is with the golem.  It doesn't have to be all brown earth and grey stone.  The Carrion Worm (also not pictured, hopefully this weekend) will also be hit with the Blue Liner.  The current plan is to have something somewhere between a rather fleshy grub and a bloodworm (glycera).




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Focus?  I can squirrel with the best of ooh, shiny!


Starting points for the Carrion Worm and Grave Minions have been recorded.  Both received coats of Blue Liner.  There wasn't much specific rationale behind it, I'd just tried the brown and grey already.  Might as well round out the bunch.



Our granddaughter was over this weekend, so I only got in a couple hours of work tonight.  A massive crick in the neck combined with some shaking in the hands told me it was time to pack it in.





The Carrion Worm received a bath in some Pure White.  Two coats and it's still uneven, but I'm not going to stress over it.  I'm thinking I'm going to be pulling this together with some washes and the unevenness of it all gives it a bit of "yuck."  The pincers, eyes, and teeth were all hit with a base of Pure Black.  Redstone Shadow went around the base and will serve as the start of the earth.  The Grave Minion's coat is Sapphire Blue.  The other two GM's haven't been started yet.  I might do one in green and the other in red, or I might use grey and beige/brown.  Decisions, decisions...




Gaarkhan has been basecoated in the Blond Shadow.  I picked out an eye and tried the teeth to see if my hand was steady enough to do it (I'm currently using a #3 brush and should probably leave that for the base coats and not the detail).  Mistake!  Nothing irreparable, but I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself.  Davith's vest has been coated with Sapphire Blue and the lightsaber blade with Pure White.  When I get my next order of paint, a wash of one of the brighter greens will go over the blade.  Diala's cloak and pants have been treated to Redstone Shadow.  I messed up and grabbed Bloodstain Red the first time, and redid it afterward.  Diala's lightsaber was first treated to a coat of Pure White followed up with a Sapphire Blue (or was it Sky Blue?) wash (about two parts water to one part paint).  


I was more than a little hesitant about Diala's lightsaber, but just went with it.  I had originally wanted it to be a bit thinner, but I think it worked out pretty well.  I still might make a wash out of some Polished Silver and give it another once-over to give it a bit of shine, but I worry about having a satisfactory result and lousing it up trying to take it too far.


Not Pictured: The Cemetery Golem's iron gates and "face" were covered with some Pure Black.  I'll be hitting some of the gate with Polished Silver to help represent some worn wrought iron.  The Pure Black won't really show in my less-than-adequate photography so I didn't bother.  I'm thinking I'm going to need the Pearl White to try for a marble-like effect in a few places--just enough to give some stones a glint in the right light.

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Boy, howdy.  I tell you guys this truthfully: Now that I've got some close-ups of my work, I can appreciate the work that some of you do on a whole other level.


I took the paints and IA minis into work today.  I figured I'd work on minis instead of messing with the tablet.  I also put in a couple hours tonight after dinner.  I "suspect" that the Diet Coke didn't help my already shaky hands any.  The lighting in the spare room at the office and borrowing the wife's Ott Light help out.



So Diala was introduced to Nightshade Purple and Imperial Purple.  I find myself wondering if I shouldn't have mixed some blue into the purple.  Her wraps were given a base of Rainy Grey.  I need to get a better look at the other head tail to figure out where the wraps are.  I'll be hitting them next with Leather White.  The tunic was given the once-over with Khaki Shadow.  The belt ring and headpiece received some Shadowed Steel that will need some touching up.  The lightsaber hilt was Old Bronze over some more Shadowed Steel.  Redstone has been liberally applied over the Redstone Shadow leaving the deeper recesses alone.  This is weird for me.  Seriously.  I was only starting to experiment with washes and highlighting when I stopped painting the last time (and still using Folk Art/Apple Barrel paints straight from the bottle!).  Working with the triads strange, new territory.



Gaarkhan was the easiest.  Shadowed Steel was used in abundance on just about anything metallic.  There are a few places on the belts and straps, but I want to get those done with the leather shades first.  Blond Hair was liberally drybrushed over the Blond Shadow.  A bit too heavily in places, and a bit light in others, but it could be worse.



I have decided to give the grey wookiee some greying in the muostache, on the crown, in the goatee area, and through the back and shoulders.  I drew some inspiration from silverback gorillas.  The rest of him will be handled when my next paint order arrives.  The pauldron was done with Shadowed Steel for both wookies.  The brown wookiee was received a base coat of Muddy Brown and a lighter drybrush of Earth Brown.  I'm going to mull over giving it another go, or just leaving it as is.

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I think I spent almost 8 hours working on minis today...and how many minis did I finish?  None.  Not a damn one.



The photos don't show it well, but the coat is Bloodstain Red and Clotted Red, and the trousers are Muddy Brown.  The collar was done with with Khaki Shadow and Terran Khaki.  Pure Black on the boots, and Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel on the shovel blade.  The pumpkin heads were started with Phoenix Red and brought up a bit with Fire Orange.  Marigold Yellow will be added to try to bring the a real orange to them.  Ghost White is illuminating the eyes and mouth.  I'll try and work some blue in around the edges for a nice spectral flame look.



Ghost White added for the lantern.  Again, some sort of blue will be brought in to edges of the panes of the lantern to try to achieve some sort of glowy-ness.  Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel were added to the tombstone.  I imagine that as some sort of cap to the stone.  I don't know if I'll keep it that way or not.  The trousers are Pure Black.




Ghost White again on the eyes and mouth.  Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel for the head of the pick.  Muddy Brown for the boots.  Khaki Shadow and Terran Khaki for the trousers.  I'm going to go for a white pumpkin look on the head, and haven't yet figured out what I'm going to do for the coat.




Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel on the shovel.  Khaki Shadow and Terran Khaki for the overcoat.  It seems to have been a theme today.  Ghost White (yet again) for the lantern.  I really wish there weren't those skulls on the lantern and lapels.




More Ghost White went in around various places on the Golem.  Greys will be fill out the bulk of the big guy, but I'll put in some browns as well.  I'll need to get some good bone colors to fill out the skeletal remains, and I'm thinking there will be some rusty parts around the rivets in the gates.



I finally got Diala looking purple!  Amethyst Purple has been applied to the exposed flesh!  Redstone Highlight has gone onto the robes and trousers.  Khaki Highlight is bringing up the tabard/tunic.  Her belts are Muddy Brown, and I messed up the ring with a less-than-steady hand.  I'll need to fix that later.  I still need to work on the wraps.  The eyes are a problem.  I tried Diala and the various wookiees, and pretty much had to paint over everything to undo the damage.  That may be the way I tackle things in the future: broccoli up the eyes, and then fix the surround areas until it no longer looks like elf.




A heavy drybrush of Earth Brown and Leather Brown were used to bring out the fur texture.  The pauldron is Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel with the same being applied to various parts of the belts and straps (where appropriate) as well as the ryyk blades.  The handles are Pure Black.  I still don't like how those straps look, but I'm not sure I ever will.



A Blond Highlight drybrush has nearly completed Gaarkhan.  The pouch is Pure Black, but I'll be bringing it up to a very dark brown.  Shadowed Steel and Honed Steel once again adorns the armor.  I'll need to bring the blond back a bit with a wash or two, and Gaarkhan's eyes were the best I was able to do.  A couple touch ups on the eyes, teeth, and hands might just be enough to finish him.

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With all the Ma'aldrakar madness going on, I kinda hate to post this.  It really highlights the level of skill present on the boards.


OK, so the long and short of things: I've been taking my kit to the office to work after I eat lunch.  That's only about a half-hour or forty-five minutes of good painting time, but it's enable me to move things along a bit.  I've also been putting too much time and energy into the Bones minis and Wookiee Warriors.  So those are going to be shelved for a time in order to try and finish everyone else by Friday.




Honestly, they don't look this bad.  Well, they do, but most people who aren't painting them won't get them within 3" of their eyes.  I've gone about as far as I go on Diala.  I'm going to hit the wraps again up from Leather White to Pure White, and then knock it back a bit with a wash of Muddy Brown or Shadowed Stone.  I also need to fix the interior of that ring.  That really bugs me.


After a mix-up with the Grey Blues triad (a mispack with Nightshade Purple instead of Midnight Blue) was resolved, I've been able to get some work done on Davith.  Davith's lightsaber was a too-thin wash of Pale Green and his flesh is simply the Medium Skin Tones triad.  The rest of his clothes are a base of Pure Black taken up with some Midnight Blue an Twilight Blue.  




That Grey Blues triad is super-handy and is also lending a hand on Mak's kit.  I think that the Snow Shadow is way too bright, though.  I don't know if I'll leave it or mix it down with some Twilight Blue.  Shadowed Stone found its way to Mak's boots.  I really like the Ochre Golds, and even though I had grand plans for Mak, I'm going to have to settle for coloration that kind of works.  I badly need to get the straps and pouches done.


Gaarkhan is still not done.  But I did put the Medium Skin Tones to work on him, getting the fingers, toes, nose and even a light touch-up around the mouth.  I think I could take some Pure Silver to the axe (and maybe straps and armor) and some Muddy Brown and Earth Brown to the Wookiee purse (wurse?).  Follow that with a wash to cover some of the drybrushing texture and dot the eyes.

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I'm starting to hate this.


I think I've painted Davith's boots three times.  I've painted the grey Wookiee Warrior's straps at least twice, and will have to do it again.  I can't pupil an eye worth broccoli.  I just feel like I'm on some sort of surreal painting treadmill where I'm just painting the same parts of the same figures repeatedly like I'm on some sort of surreal painting treadmill where I'm just painting the same parts of the same figures repeatedly like I'm on some sort of surreal painting treadmill where I'm just painting the same parts of the same figures rep...




It's really just my lack of squirrel and being out of practice.  I got too excited about certain things and, well, "oooh, shiny!".  :angry:  Meanwhile Friday creeps ever closer.




Finally closed the ring on Diala's belt.  Leather Brown is highlighting the cap and the belts.  I think I just need to wash the wraps, swallow my pride, and call her done (crazy eyes and all).



I re-applied some Twilight Blue over the Snow Shadow, and that seems to have calmed things down enough that I can live with it.  Buckskin Pale went over the arms and face.  I "improvised" a triad for Mak's hair with Earth Brown, Chestnut Gold, and Palomino Gold.  It's a little darker than I thought it would be, but the overall effect works (IMO).  The belts and pouches were done with Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, and Leather Brown.  I still need to paint the rifle--I'm not drybrushing that dirty suminthabatch, though.  I've repainted enough.  Now it's just left to highlight the black straps on the boots and the gloves.



The wurse is done--Pure Black, Muddy Brown, and Earth Brown.  I need to finish the Vibro-Axe and give a wash.  Then I think I can call him done.  Every time I try to fix the eyes or mouth a little, I find myself scrambling for a paper towel to try to unpaint what I have painted.  Time to back away from the mini.



The Wookiee Warriors are nearing completion, and despite constantly repainting the grey wookie (well drybrushing, anyway) I'm almost satisfied.  I need to redo the straps on Grey's back and finish the Rykk blades.  I'm somewhat pleased with the Ghost White highlights on the moustache, beard, eyebrows, and (not pictured) back.  Grey was the normal cycle of Shadowed Stone, Stone Grey, and Weathered Stone over the rest of the fur.




I went back to Pure Black boots and gauntlets.  They're gonna stay that way, too.  Well, I there will be some Shadow Stone and Stone Grey added, but they will remain generally black.  Shadowed Steel for the gauntlet backs, pauldrons, weird design under the tunic, knee guards, heel, and "toes".  The belts and pouches are Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, and Leather Brown.  It's actually not awful.  The hair was Pure Black upped to Muddy Brown and Earth Brown.  There are still some mutant caterpillars doing bad, bad things on his face that need to be exterminated, and it's rumored there are eyes somewhere in that mess.


Almost there...

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Everybody conga!



And back...




And shake it...




Now, Mak...DSC04835.JPG.92dad0fd65ba07e24b249ae151716e04.JPG


Goofiness aside--lots of little accomplishments today.  Diala is as good as she's going to get at my current skill level.  Davith has been cleaned up a bit.  It doesn't show much in the pictures I took (which is why the pics weren't uploaded), but the eyebrows have been neatened and defined a bit.  There's still not much there for eyes, but I'm not going to complain over much.  Mak has received some more highlighting and touchups.


Gaarkhan and Grey have received washes in their respective "shadow" colors to smooth over the drybrushing texture.  It's washed out some of the highlight, but they are still pretty visible in person.  I've included a back-shot of Grey to show the silverback highlighting.  Grey still needs the belts and straps redone.  Brown needs a wash.


All-in-all, I don't think I'm going to be embarrassed to put these on the table.  And that's what counts (mostly).


In better news, I can get back to painting some of the Bones minis I've been ignoring.


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And straight into a wall...



A little wash on the panels of the lantern and I've gotten a partial effect.  Still no idea what I'm going to do about the skulls...I really wish they weren't there.  No idea what I'm going to do about the rest of the Undertaker's clothes.  The hat is disappointing me--it actually looks better in these photos.



Blech.  I was working on greys.  I changed my mind.  The skin on the wings is currently Nightshade Purple.  I think I'm going to change my mind again.  I may have to make a "box of shame" and plop this guy right into it.



Worked up the boots and pants.  The tombstone was an accident.  I meant to grab Leather White and grabbed Ghost White instead.    Not the worst thing in the world.  I do like the way the pumpkin came out.  It's not perfect, but when you consider I'm faking my way through all of this, it's not bad.  Not bad at all.  Of course, I really meant to put the white pumpkin on....


Another blue wash for the lantern and for the eyes and mouth in the pumpkin.  It's a theme.  A bit of Stone Grey for the tombstone.  Some Carnage Red for the embellishment in the stone.  I need to figure out the collar and the internal "scarecrow" structure.  I'll mirror the lantern carried by the undertaker.



Little bits accomplished, but just need to get the last few bits solved.  I need a "bone" triad and another set of browns so I can finish the shovel.



OK, I'm actually not 100% ashamed of the worm.  The stones are mostly how I want them.  I was originally going to paint the worm pink in an attempt to model it off of a critter called a blood worm (discovered through the old Dirty Jobs TV show).  And then I got the idea to paint some "veins" and "arteries" near the surface.  Then I thought about that.  :blink:  Change of plans!


So we're going "grub".  I decided to go with Linen White.  It looked better, but still not well covered.  While I weighed my options I put in the blue and red down for the circulatory system.  I tried a wash of Khaki Highlight to improve coverage and "bury" the circulatory system.  Another layer of wash and I stopped totally hating it.  Except for the creases.  Those were capturing the wash a little too well and were brightening the model.  So another wash--this time Terran Khaki applied directly to the creases.  The effect is somehow almost impossible to see but also really defined.  Retouched the eyes, claws and teeth with Pure Black.  Some Nightshade Purple has been applied as a highlight for the Pure Black.  It's pretty impossible to see.  Maybe I'll try another round of Midnight Blue. The mouth is currently Carnage Red.  I'm going to be ordering the Rosy Skin triad and will be dialing the red back.  The "bone" triad (whichever one I choose) will be fixing the skulls on the base.


And maybe, just maybe, I'll finish before 2018.  ::P:

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Just when you thought it safe...




I've got to admit that I really like the Soil Colors triad.  That's been going on the bases.  The Olive triad is being used on the Undertaker's robes under the coat.  I've evened up the skin tone (Fair Skin Tones) a bit, but still need to bring it the rest of the way from Fair Shadow for his flesh.  The collar on Blue minion was with the Olive triad, but I don't like it.  It will be changed to the Warm Greens for a little more believable mix.  Since I've added the Neutral Bone triad to my (ever-growing) arsenal I went ahead and took care of the skull in Red's bag.




I decided that the Redstone just wasn't working on the base.  That's been replaced with the Soil Colors triad.  The skulls have been (FINALLY) been painted.  I painted them in the normal way, then hit the area where the teeth would be with a little Pure White for emphasis.  Rosy Skintone was used over the Carnage Red for the mouth.  I don't really like it, but I don't think I'm going to redo it.  For grins and giggles I touched up the edge of the "lips" with a little Pure White.  Just a trace to go around it and maybe give the teeth a little bit extra oomph.  A little thinned Pure White covered some of the splotchiness on Worm's back.


I feel the need to work on the eyes a bit.  But I'm not sure what to do.  I like the solid black, but maybe a hint of something else would be OK.  And the teeth could use another bit of something.  Maybe Nightshade or Midnight Blue and stepped up one more shade.




I was about ready to give up on Vorvorlaka.  I hated the grey.  Then I thought maybe a little less "vampire" and more "gargoyle".  That set me towards Midnight Blue.  So I hit that with a little Twilight Blue to bring it up, and then mixed a 2:1 Twilight Blue and Amethyst Purple.  I probably should have gone with Imperial instead of Amethyst as the mix was a little lighter than I would have liked.  Before I decided to do the mix, I tried a couple other color combinations on the thighs, and that can still be glimpsed through the blue/purple mix.


The wing membranes started off with Snow Shadow, brought up with Ghost White, and finished with Pure White.  I think I should have started with a mix of Twilight Blue and Snow Shadow, and gone through Snow Shadow to Ghost White.  If I ever do some sort of shadow dragon or dark colored demon, I will have to try to remember that.


On a whim (boy, that can be a bad habit to get into), I made a wash of the Rosy Shadow I originally used on the Worm's mouth and applied that over the whole model.  I used the Neutral Bone triad to pick out the claws and teeth.  I need to redo the eyes and touch up the lower lip.


I swear I'm gonna finish these guys eventually.

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Well, the best laid plans of mice and headwear go oft awry.  No visuals this time, it wouldn't be "right" to add new items here.  I'm getting close to getting an actual "finished" post.  maybe in another month or three...


I've gotten myself into a new Imperial Assault game, so IA minis are taking up my time.  In addition to the previously shown Diala, Davith, Gaarkhan, and Mak I have now taken on Fenn, Gideon, and Biv.  Gideon has gone fairly quickly (pretty much just followed the character card), but I was lacking inspiration on Fenn.  Biv is still a blank.  I'm going "grey" with Fenn.  I haven't decided if I'll follow the card for Biv or make a few changes.


Two of the Royal Guard are painted, and the base coat is on the other two.  I figured I would throw in the RG Champion since I was already using so much red.  I fear what the Stormtroopers will be like, I saw someone refer to it as "black and white Hell" and I don't doubt it.  Two HK assassin droids are painted, and I'm waiting on the current paint order of paint to do the other two--really I just need it for one droid.  I'm just putting off making a decision about which droid gets the gold and which gets the silver.


And after that?  Trandoshans and Probe Droids.  Maybe the E-Webs and/or Officers.


All because I want the game to be purrty.

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