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Blackstar corsair bashed with one of the armories, maybe death

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Intriguing!  Is the shield intentionally upside-down?  (Not that I'd expect it to be right-side-up, per se -- more like at 90 degrees off, if it's on the off-hand and it doesn't look like it's being deployed.)


Also, where is that helmet from?  It gives the figure a bit of a "Jin-Roh" vibe, I think.  I could also see that helmet as working nicely for an NCR Veteran (Fallout: New Vegas) kit-bash of some other figure.


I really like the look of the base -- I'm guessing it's meant to depict destroyed pavement/concrete with some exposed pipe-work underneath?

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Hello Jordan, I also like the head a great deal and it will probably be the one I go with.  As to the shield, with these guys I felt the shield was attatched the the armor and not held and upside down was actually the best fit though in hindsight I could of got the exacting knife out and made it work the other way.  Some pics here of the mini on the base and it has the dynamic pose I wanted hope you like it so far.IMG_2718.thumb.JPG.46f171ea1c41d4218adce0abe7c6dc1a.JPGIMG_2718.thumb.JPG.46f171ea1c41d4218adce0abe7c6dc1a.JPG





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