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Ludo paints badly, Ma'al Drakar in 7 days!


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While I have jumped the gun for the official contest, I am jumping into the insanity pool and attempting to paint Ma'al Drakar in 7 days per Buglips' rules.

I'm adding a level of difficulty by painting it at my FLGS and I'm live streaming while I do it. Because of that time constraint, I'm actually already one day in.... Gotta paint when the store is open. ...

You can follow along over at https://www.twitch.tv/diceaddiction If you missed the stream or want to watch the past streams, they are under the videos tab. We'll be posting these to Facebook as well.


The schedule should be:


Thursday July 20th 

1pm - 11pm (maybe midnight)

Friday July 21st

1pm - 10pm

Saturday July 22nd

1-pm - 6pm

May stream again from 9pm on...

Sunday July 23rd

1pm - 10pm

Monday July 24rd

1pm -10 pm

Tuesday July 25th

7pm For wrap up only I've got to go back to work so there may be no video at all.


If there are more times or the times change, I'll post here.


Technical Specs on the livestream equipment


Laptop: Samsung - Notebook 5 15.6" Touch-Screen Laptop - Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce 920MX - 1TB Hard Drive

Ludo view camera: Built in laptop camera

Top down camera: Logitech C310

Pallet camera: Logitech C310

Head on camera: Logitech C910

Microphone: Logitech g35 headset

Bulbs: 60w LED warm light bulbs

Light diffusers: Coffee maker filters

Lighting frame is home made. The lights can be slid along each axis.

Streaming software: OBS Studio


First Day Progress Photos


The workspace


Gap filling


A coat of Reaper blue and grey liner to make everything stick.


Edited by Ludo
Added photos and live stream tech specs
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