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A new collection of miniatures 40 mm from Cartoon Miniatures

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About this project



Ancient Warriors – a new collection of figurines from Cartoon Miniatures. This is result of work of a team of professionals, a combination of excellent idea and quality implementation. So far, only on Kickstarter! 


Each miniature: 

  • In 40mm scale 
  • Made of resin 
  • Highly detailed 
  • Not painted 
  • Limited edition 



Soon we and our friends from Wendy's Miniaturen will be launching a kickstarter campaign. You'll see a figurines from the Age of Ancient Warriors in the World of Belantir. Belantir is a world where battles and clashes never stop. One after another, the invaders advance with devastating campaigns through the world. But nevertheless, there are not only ruthless conquerors, but also noble heroes who are ready to repel any enemy! In every corner of Belantir, there are tales of warriors of never-fading glory. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the greatest warriors who lived in one of the toughest and bloodiest eras, also known as the "War of the Tiger”.









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Top Posters In This Topic

REALLY like that minotaur. I've heard good things about this company, in fact when Clever Crow was in Vegas on a business trip we met up for dinner and chatted about figures and projects we were working on and he highly recommended some figures he got from Cartoon.

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2 hours ago, odinsgrandson said:

Do we know if the 40mm height includes the base?  In that case, some of those minis are quite a bit smaller than I had thought.

An educated guess based on the language states that every one of them is 40mm, which doesn't include the base and they have many varying sizes of bases with some bases that are as tall as or taller than the actual figures. Most, if not all, figures that are made are measured without their bases.

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On 8/1/2017 at 2:25 PM, odinsgrandson said:

Do we know if the 40mm height includes the base?  In that case, some of those minis are quite a bit smaller than I had thought.

Here you go, a better visual:




21 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

I'm tempted, but the creator is called "wendys miniatures". Are they the same? If yes, why not create an account using Cartoon Miniatures instead?

Yes, they are the same 2 people. Cartoon is their new line of figures. Wendys was their original name/line of figures, they've been adding more lines and figures to their store.

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Last 48 hours.. 


Viking bear:




Eagle is behind a backer only update as are the choices for the 8th model.. then there is the Hippo swashbuckler in the group bear shot which isnt in the KS 




Eagle options on book of faces:






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8 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

Received the 48 hour reminder notice. Need to take a look at this.

Me too, but I have to wait for retail as I just ordered a few things over the last couple of weeks and can't really justify doing another Kickstarter right now. 

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