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Thanks. Some of these pics won't look great because it took a while to find my lights and so I took a few pics without. Also too far away, apparently.

First, goblin command:

And one with the light for difference.






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2 hours ago, malefactus said:

They are a SPLENDID looking Gang of sneaky Little rogues. VERY NICELY DONE!

I now feel a need to paint some Goblins; ergo, your work is inspirational.


I've got 6 of the little buggers to paint for ReaperCon this year so I totally agree!


Love the new B3 sculpts. I'll definitely pick some of those up when I can.

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These are the ones I'm painting up: 


3462: Bobby Jackson




Note there are 4 of them, so I had to double up a couple. I'm not one to paint the same mini again, so it'll be a challenge for me. Defiently will go orange for these thou. Pathfinder goblins are green, D&D gobbies are orange. Thou the Buglips' pregen ninja gobbie for We Be Goblin @ ReaperCon is orange ::D:


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