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Frost Giant Queen - Bones 3 Kickstarter

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you may be a second time poster but not a first time painter with those smooth blends and excellent color choices


This is excellent and I sincerely hope there will be a lot more!


Maybe even a WIP to share your methods with us!

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2 hours ago, robinh said:

you may be a second time poster but not a first time painter with those smooth blends and excellent color choices


This is excellent and I sincerely hope there will be a lot more!


Maybe even a WIP to share your methods with us!


Thank you for your kindness. :)


I am not a beginner to painting but I am a beginner to Reaper Miniatures. I am actually inspired by many of the painters here who are creating amazing works while pushing their abilities as painters. Plus you have such amazing talent behind the curtain that even I have been inspired to elevate my own practices.


I would enjoy sharing more with you all as this Forum has a great Community within it. If there is something you would like to see, please let me know. I hope to be an asset to this group.


I am currently working on the Frost Giant King and post WIPs on the Reaper Facebook page and at 1HourANight. (Also on Facebook.) If it is okay to cross-post I will post my work here. I am still getting used to the rules so let me know if I stray.


Thank you again for your warm welcome. :)


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3 hours ago, seej said:

Really nice! I love your color scheme. The pop of color with the blonde hair is great.


Gratitude! I am working on Color Theory and found an App called Color Wheel that assists in color choice. I recommend it!


2 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Saw this of Facebook and I have to say that I love the hue that the hair has, and it matches the shade of blue beautifully.


And welcome to the forums as an official member! I hope you enjoy crazy; it's all we got here.::P::lol:


Gratitude! I strove for the hair and Amber jewels to frame face and bust to draw attention to where I want the viewer to look. I was looking at Derek Schubert's work in the Inspiration Gallery and work to get better myself.


I have been reading quite a bit before I got the courage to make myself known. I think you all are just the right amount of crazy and kind. 


It is like a large family. :D

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Silly auto-correct
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2 hours ago, Harrek said:

The skin tones are amazing!  That face is perfect.


Gratitude! I appreciate your C&C.


The face is what I strive to bring focus too: it is the first place a viewer looks. The sculpt is epic and allowed me opportunity to really focus on her eyes and face.


With smooth skin she has an illusion of youth, where I could make her appear older if I accented eye mouth creases.


She reminded me of the Titans from WoW. 

1 hour ago, hdclearman said:

Great eyes.


Gratitude. That is one of the most difficult parts of Miniature Painting. I appreciate your insight. (I even researched how to do eye shadow.)

1 hour ago, Mikael said:

Amazing job! I especially like how the eyes came out


Gratitude! It makes the effort worthwhile. :D

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1 hour ago, KruleBear said:

Welcome to the forums. Quite the lovely contribution too. 


Thank you. I hope to be a positive asset. :)

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    • By Kuroneko
      I'm sure many of you can sympathise- we see a cool model in a kickstarter, finally get it delivered and then sit flummoxed whilst trying to figure out exactly how to paint said mini. This Mystic Portal has been sitting on my painting desk since last June and I finally figured out what to do with it.
      Imagine that your players have just finished ransacking your meticulously planned dungeon/keep/cavern system. They've breezed through the encounters, possibly due to good dice rolls or possibly that they're a bunch of min/maxing little murder hobos. What you need is one final encounter, one last chance for them to shine or to let them spectacularly fail.
       There's one last room left and it's securely locked. It'll certainly be magically warded and if I know my players then that's a challenge that they won't be able to pass up. Inside the room is a single portal, made of nondescript stone but with stunning looking gems set into the eyes of it's carved dragons. Surely none of them would be daft enough to trigger an obviously dangerous portal?
      You haven't met my players
      My plan to paint one side of the portal the naturalistic stone colour and to paint the other side the fully active, just about to summon a multi headed dragon, portal. This means that when they invariably trigger it, all I have to do is spin it around and savour their worried/confused faces Here's hoping that I can actually do it justice.
      This is the portal. It's cast in translucent bonesium, which I like because it gives you a choice between taking advantage to it's see through quality or to just paint it like a normal mini. I opted to paint it as normal.

      There was a slight bit of warping on the base piece, but the old 'boiling/ice water' trick sorted it out in 5 minutes. I'm planning on setting the base on some warning runes, so I used the Greenstuff World Dwarven rolling pin on some foam to see how it would fit onto the pattern.

      On to the painting! I painted the inactive side of the portal Cloudy Grey 9089 and the active side Pure Black 9037.


      I'm not sure if I'm going to fuzz up this line or leave it as a stark contrast.

      I added a black/ green wash to dirty up the stone and added a little bit of orange to the stone to give it a little bit of texture

      The real work begins! I started blocking in the colours for the active side of the portal. Red, purplish black, white, green and blue. It's almost as if I'm trying to match my half finished Ma'al Drakar

      My coordination went a bit wobbly with the foo dogs(which are awesome, btw!) so that's where I left it for tonight. We've got a storm coming in tomorrow, so I'm hoping to get some more work done on it tomorrow. Any comments/criticism/suggestions are, as always, warmly received.
    • By Mothsniper
      Never painted fully white mini before.
         This was extra fun and easy!
      Red and White Wizard.  Now I kinda want to do every color combo wizard.

    • By Mothsniper
      Galladon, Male Wizard

      This guy as it turns out can be disassemble into pieces!
      Win for me, because I hate detailed undercuts.
      And I do not like the staff (fish/dragon)head.
      Does not fit the character imo.
      The red squiggly turned out verynice!
      FINISHED here!

    • By Katiepult
      Pathfinder Red Dragon #60028 is a hefty beastie and I definitely did not paint him red. Instead I tried a rainbow piece for Pride 2020 (finished 8/1/2020). Also my first painted model posted here. Pardon my photography skills. I used cut up Caryatid column #77378 for a bit of terrain on the base. My biggest metal model to date.

    • By Kangaroorex
      In my continuing effort to continue at least 1 dragon a month, here is my next entry, the wizkids gargantuan dragon.  I believe I should name this one PanicusMaximusNecakus because this one presented special and exciting problems because the dragon has apparently decided to do the flamenco feather dance and his wings were a major obstacle when trying to paint the left side of the dragon's body.  I realize the cause was because they were trying to get the dragon in the box but man was that difficult to work with. 
      I wound up spending a lot of time with one hand pinning the dragon and the wing to the table while I painted with the other.  It was not the most convenient method of painting.  He was also very prickly... very, very prickly! 
      because its such a big base, I wanted to provide some interest for the game.  I used the old road stamp from Basius to generate some pieces of broken road amongst a clearing in early fall.  I was thinking of adding a smudge of snow but if I did it would conflict with the ruined stone.
      Overall though I like how he came out and I really like the results on his tail and his crown of horns. 
      Hope everyone like him.  This is still tabletop quality as I have been trying to produce quantity over quality.

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