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Adorable Abominations

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So last year at Reapercon I took Bryan's conversion class and he let us know that at the Reaper booth at the con, they were selling conversion packs filled with pieces of Bones figures to be used in conversions. I bought 2 packs. They'd been sitting in a closet ever since until last week I decided to open them up and see what I had and what I might want to do with them. I ended up having a lot of fun putting together a bunch of little abominations, but I was sitting on my couch while in the google hangout and so there was no glue involved. I stuck each combination into a little baggie and took pics so I would remember how they should go. 

I haven't really been painting or doing any hobbying for a while though and so they were likely destined to sit in a drawer for a while. However, seeing maxstyles post about World Wide Miniature Day, I decided I could commit a few hours to working on these little guys. I meant to get going earlier, but I've been really tired today and had gone all slug mode on the couch. But I think I have a bit of a second wind now so I'm going to see what happens. 


Here are the first two that I glued together the other night. 



Don't ask me what any of the parts are. They weren't listed in the conversion packs so I have no idea. 

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Autocorrect made me say I hadn't been doing any hobbling instead of hobbying. While this is true, it wasn't exactly what I meant to convey
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Third hour update - Two more put together!








22 minutes ago, Smokestack said:

Those are great. Is the conversion pack something that will be coming to the reaper store? I want some too.... :mellow:

Unfortunately I wouldn't bet on it since I got these in October and they haven't made an appearance in the store yet. I don't even know if they'll have them available at Reapercon this year. 

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Fifth and final hour update!








I worked a little bit on mold lines when I was done putting these guys together because I knew I wouldn't have time to do anything with green stuff tonight because I'm going to bed shortly. 


There are 13 total abominations, which I think is an appropriate number. There are still a bunch of like arms and weapons left from the conversion packs, but nothing else that I was interested in using for these guys. However, there are also a whole bunch of bases which I will probably utilize for some of these guys. 


Further progress on these guys will be much slower than this from here on out, but I had fun putting them together and I think it was a great recharge night for me. 


ETA: Could I use the phrase "these guys" more? My brain has apparently already gone to bed. 

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Very cool!

I picked up one of the conversion packs; definitely should have gotten two, good thinking there! I had a very large number of the same tails you did. I haven't come up with a good use for them yet, though.


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