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Figure 3 of 3 from World Wide Miniatures Day 2017


I started this one back in 2016 just before ReaperCon.  When I say started, it was mostly just a base coat.  So I blew the dust off and finished it up.


Comments and Critiques welcome.





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Did I set out to make a snake slit eye?  No.


I'll be the first to admit that eyes are not my strong suit.  I do use a basic eye technique and it's hit or miss at best. Im generally happy if they look like they're looking in the same direction. 


If I recall, I signed up for two different RC classes that deal with faces. 


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The eyes don't look bad from gaming distance.  I think it's ok to use the suit like downward stroke technique, but you probably need each pupil to be 2-3 times wider.  This may be as simple as another stroke or two next to the original.


The armor, nmm, and cloak blending are all great!

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