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3 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good work on both the predator and the prey!

I didn't think of it that way, but now that you mention it... I don't know how I could've missed it.

Maybe with unicorns and goblins also on my table...?

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Makes me want to finish painting my big green worm, the old metal version of this one with the separate tail piece.  I took completing it off my high priority list once my players defeated the ulgurstasta from the Greyhawk arena battle early on in Dungeon's Age of Worms adventure path. 


Not the first nor the last monster mini of mine to be defeated half-naked...


I wonder why none of the plastic versions kept that tail piece?  That I have seen, anyhow.  You could move it farther away from the head end to make it seem bigger or smaller.


Great job on yours, and the rats too!  The cow-spotted one made me laugh when I pictured one of my neighbours having to milk it (I live out in the country near a little town whose main employer is a cheesery...  which may not be a real word, but I'm gonna run with it anyhow)



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      I decided to do the Mystic Circle so I could do all kinds of occult and folk horror scenarios.
      Currently "cooking" in the utility sink. The base parts were pretty warped. I may glue them to some foamcore for a little extra stability, but mostly traced, because I need to keep them " modular" for storage (the arches, I think they still qualify as dolmens, but I forget, will get pulled on and off. Unless it really doesn't work ).

      This will likely be an all June project, because I had an unexpected computer death and porch reno and need to deal with that.
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      I smoothed out all the blobs of paint to vaguely cover everything in a greenish/pinkish/brownish grey.

      We may paint more, or else I'll paint some eyes and seal it.
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