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    • By SamuraiJack
      Who Are Troublemaker Games?
      We  are an established wargames development company who design &  supply plastic, metal and resin miniatures for wargames retail  companies, whose sculptors also have experience doing freelance work for  other companies such as Mantic Games (for whom we sculpted, for  example, their range of 28mm scale plastic terrain kits, as well as various other plastic & resin kits).
      We  have previously run & managed eight other Crowdfunding  Campaigns,  raising a total of £84,048 to deliver plastic and metal  models for the  6mm scale wargame range, Defeat In Detail (1 2 3 4 5), our range of Plastic Wargames Terrain kits (1 2), and our 28mm scale Nuns with Laserguns! (1).
      We  have delivered all the plastic, resin, and metal kits from all seven of our own crowdfunding campaigns to our customers, and all models  (other than some Campaign Exclusive Limited Edition pieces) are now  available for retail  purchase through either Vanguard Miniatures, as  the "Defeat In Detail" and the "Troublemaker Games Plastic Terrain Kits" ranges, or the "Nuns with Laserguns!" range via our own webstore. Vanguard's own Crowdfunder (which we oversaw as Campaign Manager) has itself also been fully delivered.
      Some of our Nuns with Guns (painted) from our previous Kickstarter campaign. What We Need & What You Get
      We have several designs of Post-Technopocalypse Model kits already sculpted, but without a crowdfunding campaign it  would be too expensive for us to afford to put them into production, so  your interest and support at this stage means we can bring these designs to retail... and to your gaming tables!
      As we cross stretch goals we'll be unlocking more model kits, and hopefully adding free bonuses to existing pledges too (we've managed to include free bonus models on  every one of our Crowdfunders to date, and we'd love to continue that tradition!).
      So, this campaign contains rewards for pledging, consisting of:
      28mm Metal Model Kits STL 3d Files Download Packages All miniatures will be supplied unpainted. Scroll onwards to find out more...
      How Do Pledges Work?
      Each Scenery or Model kit in this Kickstarter campaign has a price in British Pounds (£) associated with it.
      To pledge, total up how many of each kit you'd like to pledge for, work out how many Pounds that would cost, and pledge for that total.
      For example, if you would like to pledge for:
       1x Tribal Guardswomen Infantry Squad (£20)  1x Mad Marx (£4) 2x Count Binface (£8)  1x Post-Technopocalypse Town STL Set (£10)  Total: £42
      Then you should select the "Miniatures!" reward, and should pledge £42; You will be prompted for postage and packaging in addition to your basic pledge cost. Once the campaign ends, you will be sent a questionnaire, which will ask you to confirm your chosen combination of model sets.
      If you only want STL digital file sets, select the "STL-only pledge" and pledge the appropriate amount for your chosen combination of STL sets.
      Some of the Stretch Goals that we hope to unlock during this campaign will also have Costs associated with them, whilst others will be free upgrades to existing sets.
    • By SamuraiJack
      The amazing worlds of Jim Henson brought to life as officially licensed miniature models for collectors and fans.
       Broken Toad is a UK-based company that has produced accessories and models for display painters since 2014. We are now an official licensee of The Jim Henson Company, using our experience to create an impressive range of miniature models based on both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth.
      www.brokentoad.co.uk Black Sun Miniatures has been producing a diverse range of high quality resin miniatures since 2015. Black Sun specialise in fantasy and science fiction subjects, designed for painters, modellers and collectors.
      www.blacksunminiatures.co.uk Many factors that have lead us to our love of model sculpture, one of the most influential of these has been the great Jim Henson. We spent much of our youth immersed in the worlds Jim created and are so excited to have been given the opportunity to work with The Jim Henson Company and to create miniature models of our favourite characters.
       Jim was a master visionary and the worlds he created feature rich storylines and complex characters. Our goal is to delight existing fans and introduce these amazing creations to a new generation.
    • By Artyphex
      (forgive me, very new to the forums) 
      Andowyn Thrushmoor!
      It's been awhile since I've painted a plain ol' character miniature. I spent the better part of today working on her and I’m overall pleased with how she came out. I really want to double my skill level by the time Bones V is delivered and I’m proud of my progress! Slowly but surely figuring out how to do faces, this one looks pretty okay, though her right eye is funky.
      Since this is my first form post, the picture is her next to my first miniature! It's about four years old and I keep it around the rest of my collection in a place of honor

    • By SamuraiJack
      As with previous Satanic Panic Miniatures releases, we once again try to reimagine a classic 80s Old School range of miniatures, with more variety, but remaining faithful to those classic minis that inspired so many people back in the day.
      Our modular, multi-part approach lets you literally have every figure in your collection be unique.
      With the Hobgoblin range the aim is to use the classic 'Horned Helmet' style, of the 1st edition of a well known tabletop rule set, but to include later troop types for those of you who joined in the fun with 2nd ed or later.
      Martin Buck has worked really hard to create characterful sculpts which are as menacing as they are fun. We want figures to look and feel like warriors.
      Hobgoblins are supposedly nomadic, so the feeling of movement and portability of weapons was a paramount consideration.
      We hope you like what we have come up with and thank backers past and future for showing their appreciation for our efforts.
      This campaign will bring (at least) 10 Hobgoblin bodies, all open handed, and 8 head variants.
    • By SamuraiJack
      Introduction Early Bird Exclusive Pledge Levels The Miniatures Stretch Goals Fulfilment Delivery  Hello guys, firstly thank you for taking the time to check out my project; High Fantasy Miniature Collection. 
      The aim of the project is to expand my miniature line into well, an actual line rather than my current 3 offerings. My first 2 projects have been critical in deciding whether the business would be a viable venture, I am very pleased to say that I will continue to chip away at my own tiny little corner of the miniature market. 
      Success with this project will set me up to continue to produce more and more fine scale miniatures for gamers and collectors, as a quite new small business I am heavily dependent on your support to continue forward, I am not a long established business with financial backing, when you back me on Kickstarter you are literally the life blood of Throne Down Games and I cannot express in words what it means to me as a small business, as an artist, as an individual, that you offer me your support. 
      In this project you will find a selection of miniatures for your tabletop gaming, painting and collecting. The miniatures are 32mm fine scale resin with the option to pick them up in the larger scales of 54mm and a select few in 75mm, perfect for those who collect to paint and/or diorama build!
      Going forward a select few will be available in 54mm and 75mm for retail along side the 32mm range.
      I have a huge passion not only for miniatures but high fantasy, I hope you find something you like and perhaps a little bit different in my work than what you typically find in the miniature market! Thank you for taking the time to check out my project and I whole heartedly thank you in advance for any and all support you can offer me.
      Early Bird
      For this project I will be running an Early Bird for the £40.00, 10-4 pledge, the Early Bird will run until midnight the day following successful funding. The Early Bird grants the exclusive Story Teller miniature in 32mm absolutely FREE as a massive thank you for pledging early at this level. 
      EB end Example; If the project funds at 20:00 on a Monday, the Early Bird will close at 23:59 Tuesday.
       Exclusive miniature - The Story Teller
      For this project I have designed an exclusive miniature that will only be available as part of this campaign, this miniature will not be available anywhere else once the campaign has ended.
      This exclusive miniature is FREE in 32mm scale for the 10-4 Early Bird pledge and does not count toward one of your 10 miniature selections as a massive thank you for supporting me at this level. 
      This miniature is available as an add-on or one of your miniature selections for the Build Your Own, 5 for 5 and the standard 10-4 pledge.
      The Story Teller; A theatrical mage who literally brings the pages of their story book to life! Pledges
      I have tried to build the pledges to give maximum scope for customization, from 1 or 2 mini's to complete sets, you choose how you pledge **this can always be changed during the pledge manager phase**
      Build Your Own pledge is subject to a small price reduction from the future RRP, the 5 for 5 and 10-4 pledges are subject to further discount against the RRP and when pledging for stand alone miniatures, on top of the set discounts you can also add additional copies and the larger 54mm and 75mm scale miniatures at a reduced price depending on the initial pledge level.
      All miniatures will be supplied with a simple 25mm flagstone scenic resin base, NPC miniatures will additionally be supplied with a 25mm wooden flooring scenic resin base, all 54mm miniatures will be supplied with the above in 50mm and likewise for the 75mm miniatures.
      Pledge: Build Your Own
      The perfect starting point to pickup a few miniatures you like the look of without the larger financial commitment of set pledges. To build your pledge please add £6.00 per 32mm miniature you would like, and/or £12.00 per 54mm miniature, and/or £26.00 per 75mm miniature. Miniature choice can be selected after the campaign ends through the pledge manager.
      Pledge: KS1 Return Backers
      This pledge is only for returning backers from my first project.
      Pledge: 5 for 5
      The 5 for 5 pledge offers you the choice of any 5 32mm miniatures at the reduced price of £5.00 each. Reduced price add-ons are available for this pledge. Miniature choices can be selected after the campaign ends through the pledge manager.
      32mm miniature: £5.00 each 54mm miniature: £10.00 each 75mm miniature: £25.00 each n.b. During the pledge manager phase you will be able to select which miniatures you would like, this can be distributed over all scales for example you could select 5x 32mm miniatures totalling £25.00, you could also select 3x 32mm miniatures and 1x 54mm miniature again totalling £25.00 (3 @ £5.00 = £15.00 + 1 @ £10.00 = £25.00)
      Pledge: 10-4
      The 10-4 pledge offers you the choice of any 10 32mm miniatures at the reduced price of £4.00 each. Reduced price add-ons are available for this pledge. Miniature choices can be selected after the campaign ends through the pledge manager.
      32mm miniature: £4.00 each 54mm miniature: £8.00 each 75mm miniature: £24.00 each n.b. During the pledge manager phase you will be able to select which miniatures you would like, this can be distributed over all scales for example you could select 10x 32mm miniatures totalling £40.00, you could also select 8x 32mm miniatures and 1x 54mm miniature again totalling £40.00 (8 @ £4.00 = £32.00 + 1 @ £8.00 = £40.00)
      The miniatures
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