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So I finally got this book and began prepping the miniature that came with it. I'm really impressed with the design of the new Primaris. Very well done.


To start I felt like the over all miniature needed some more weight to it. I mixed up some sculpty and green stuff and filled in his base and pressed the remaining into his back. It still fits together cause there is a lot of hollow space in him. The only reason I knew it was light was they had a few on display at the Games Workshop store so I got to pick one up.





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Got this guy primed and base coated last night. Instead of me trying to remember the paints I used I just took a photo with them! HA! 


The next stage is a was in a deeper red with a focus on the recesses to fill in gaps. I was going to go full display piece on this but decided to make it a quicker paint job and just paint what I want until it's finished. I tend  to over obsess  about the details which prolongs the project.


My objective on this guy is to give him a more tactical red look.  His colors are possibly going to be grey and red. Like a more tactical blood angel. I'm still thinking it through.



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1 hour ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Are these the new bigger,  reengineered  space marines I've heard about?

Yes they are. I didn't really like the look of the originals myself.  Below in the spoiler is a comparison I found online. 





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Sooooo like I said before I want to go with a tactical Blood angel look. That is were Grey comes in. Selecting the right panels over others, painting straight lines and keep the next phase in mind - shading...


I went with "silver" instead gold for the trim and wings. I was going to go with Gold As I really like it but it seems like it may distract.


What do you think? I'm thinking of painting the muzzle of the mask grey too. (?)

 5980832d7834d_PrimarisSpaceMarine06GREY01FRONT.jpg.95d12f2a938d8b90b8ab97159c166d4a.jpg 5980832df359c_PrimarisSpaceMarine07GREY02FRONTrightKnee.jpg.6a822fd3cf0a6b450518c673795d20ce.jpg 



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WATCH OUT Izzie is spying on you!



Got more work done on the Primaris this weekend. Washed him down and highlighting up. I got the red in a good place but I I'll probably work on it more. Just started on the greys.


Big Top Red mixed with German Grey (4:1) then diluted to get the dark spots. I used Oranges and Lighter reds to get highlights. As well as Leather white glazed with RACH Red to get brighter reds. I avoided using a Clear Red.


Need to hit the silvers at the end as they are all getting pretty washed out in the redding process. 



59889bd34a102_PrimarisSpaceMarine10FRONT1WashedDownHighlightingUPprocess.jpg.4f07e2a54f28b08b002cfbd65cff6add.jpg 59889bd3b6c5e_PrimarisSpaceMarine11BackWashedDownHighlightingUPprocess.jpg.e2cba85a03101e3ef5ac5379d0b021c6.jpg






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Got some more work done over the weekend and Monday:

Silver shading on the shoulders

Gun  highlights

More work on the reds... 

Grey shading although I'm not happy with the transition so I'll be working on that too.

59944ccde07d7_PrimarisSpaceMarine12SHADINGmetallicsetc.jpg.bd0300e5df04203c72b0700861ea92d7.jpg 59944cce59080_PrimarisSpaceMarine13SHADINGmetallicsetc.jpg.6455f09c752bcbf9cdd9d0a80ee87643.jpg


59944ccec2614_PrimarisSpaceMarine14SHADINGmetallicsetc.jpg.8c3fca2e2a9f6ec1f9ae404c83afa1b4.jpg 59944ccf3bdbc_PrimarisSpaceMarine15SHADINGmetallicsetc.jpg.5e85bff3a5984c5aca6362cd01cd78d5.jpg


Next I need to finish the metallic shading, then jewel the rifle scope and work on the pouches on his back. Need to work on the parchment as well as the base and dirty up the first a bit. 


I'm also thinking of trying out scuffed up armor... AHHH!

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21 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Looks great.  Especially the red highlights.


Watching this thread more closely now that an actually local FLGS has opened up here where they mostly play 40K and MTG.

THANKS! Then you're going to like this new update! ::D:


  1. BASE: Used a Vallejo Brown on the base then washed it with Brown Wash
  2. BASE: Vallejo German Grey on the "rock" pieces then washed in Black Wash. After that I dry brushed all the "rocks" with Misty Grey
  3. BASE: Next, I used Terran Khaki to dry brush the base and then used it to stipple on the legs and base. In combination with the darker Greys and browns it turned out rather well. 
  4. FIGURE: Right leg, Left shoulder thruster: I tried something new by using white to armor-line then stipple random "dotting" for armour wear and tear. You can see it on the second photo. Please let me know if it looks alright.


I experimented with new filters on my camera, white balance filters. One is for florescence and one is for bulbs. I'll get this lighting and photography thing right eventually.


5995a6818e28a_PrimarisSpaceMarine16DIRTandArmorworn.jpg.50b5a3f4d3f50418f8062f5215aabc72.jpg 5995a6820b2d7_PrimarisSpaceMarine17DIRTandArmorWorn.jpg.3464348b688a56d79993aa26aee026c8.jpg


Next to be done is touch ups and adding glow tot he eyes. I'm thinking about adding a heat glow to the gun barrel as well. I saw a picture on FB yesterday of it and thought it looked amazing. Like the gun was just fired off repeatedly.


I need to working on the shading on the backpack as well. And finally, I'm thinking about keeping the base color that brown shade instead of my usual black. 

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