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My good friends over at White Wolf Miniatures sent me Sana as a gift, she's an amazingly clean resin sculpt of a female samurai. As soon as I saw her I knew how I wanted to paint her up. I'm going with a Darth Maul color scheme with red and black and I'll freehand the sith symbol somewhere on her armor.


I'll elicit your comments and critiques as I paint her up. Right now I have her washed, prepped, and ready to get primed. 


As you can see she's nearly 80mm tall.



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3 hours ago, Xherman1964 said:

Wow another awesome bust!

Great gift!


Her amor screams for laquer tones. Red, black maybe yellow.

Can't wait to see how she turns out.

Yup! I'm excited to paint her up. 


Probably no yellow, that's not very "sith" as I plan on the reds/blacks emulating Darth Maul. 


3 hours ago, Cassu said:

Oh wow this is an epic mini! I can't wait to see what you do with her.

She's going to be fun! ::):

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Do you have a link to how you do your black/white priming?  I've tried without getting decent results.  I'm sure I gave up too easily, but am wanting to get some pre-shading/highlighting done on the primer level myself.  Thank you.

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I just spray the whole thing in black, let that dry and then spray the white at the figure from the top of it. I hold the figure so the top of the head is facing the tip of the airbrush. 


The other easy way way to do it is to use brush on primer and prime all black, then wait for it to dry and drybrush on white primer very lightly going top downwards so that you only hit the areas that you want. 


Its called zenithal priming. Here's a tutorial from massive voodoo: http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2009/11/tutorial-kongs-priming-thoughts.html?m=1

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Arise.... Darth Sana!


I drilled holes in her head and added the copper pins for the Darth Maul horns, going to sculpt the actual horns after the glue dries, then I'll spot-prime them with white primer and get to work on the rest of the figure, going full-on darth maul female samurai version here, there's no turning back now! 



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Just added the ProCreate on the pin nubs to create the Darth Maul horns!


I'm liking how this is turning out, I studied a few different pics and angles of Darth Maul himself to see how they were arrayed on his head. I'm only missing one horn, but that's because the place it would be is under her hair bun and I'm not going to worry about it as it is "underneath" for all intents and purposes.


Anyhow, I now must allow this to dry/cure for the rest of the day and I'll do the spot priming of the horns tomorrow and then work on the rest of the figure some more. I don't have any other modifications to do.



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Just now, Flaming Tiki said:

Very cool project here, Uber N. Bust it out! If you ever have any AB questions, hit me up. I have quite the AB studio set up in my garage, been at it for many years.



Maybe I'm tired, but what do you mean by "AB" questions?

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