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Fog Monster: Mini Fog Machines For TableTop Games.

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I don't play games, but if this is not too expensive this might be awesome for taking pics.

Undead/Jungle settings misty surroundings..

I'm getting ideas here.


And while the two lovebirds above are bickering which one will back, I will keep an eye on this.

I do take into consideration though that in garden centres one can buy small mist generators too.

Price comparision will be done.

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Probably an atomizer, otherwise the fog would rise rather than slide along the ground.  So, this is a project you could build yourself for around $15.  Small plastic jar, an ultrasonic atomizer from ebay, a little bit of tubing, and some hirst arts or Dwarven Forge walls to pretty it up.  Or just paint the whole thing black and call it a day.  A $5 atomizer will give you enough fog for a small table using plain hot water, no need to buy fog juice or dry ice.


Obviously these ones are going to look better, and likely work more efficiently than a home-brew project.  It does look like they pump out quite a bit of fog, so if you have a big table it'll probably give you better coverage than a cheap atomizer.  Also it's got the nice pre-sculpted terrain pieces that fit in with Dwarven Forge tiles, so you wouldn't have the hassle of making that up for yourself.


For me, price point for this is about $30.  If that's where it's at, I could see myself picking one up.  Otherwise I'll pass.


Edit:  Eek, $80 for the basic model.  Going to have to pass on this one.

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7 minutes ago, lazylich said:

Wouldn't you prefer water anyway to avoid gunking up your terrain & minis with glycerin or oil or whatever else was used? (I've never used one so I don't know how much condenses.)

I know on my fog machine (its one of the one's from spencer's gifts) that anything about a foot in front of the machine can and will get some of that residue from the fog juice. That's why its recommended for outdoor use only:)


And it's 9:08 AM PST, is this still going live?

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I was bored so did a search and found this on their facebook page:


UPDATE: Resetting Fog Machine project to optimal Kickstarter time. Tuesday August 1st 1 PM EST

After some in depth research with Kickstarter data today we have decided to set the project date as above. This is due to starting and ending times being optimal to the success of the project.

We are re-sending email notifications to update. Though we are as anxious as you to get going in the end we believe this will create the best opportunity for buyers around the world as well as last minute buyers which seems to be crucial in many projects as you can see in the chart below.

We hope you all will understand and bear with us as we do everything in our power to make this project a success 1f642.png:)

All the best from us here at RGFX

Hmm, August 1st, coincidence?

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Not sure that I like the idea of my game table being all wet from water...or even worse - covered in a residue of some sort. The effect looks cool, but I will want assurances that it is actually practical.

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5 hours ago, Ronald X said:

Also it's got the nice pre-sculpted terrain pieces that fit in with Dwarven Forge tiles, so you wouldn't have the hassle of making that up for yourself.


Hem... that looks like the standard DF sewer wall that has a hole in it already that can be left open as in the pic, filled with a grate piece, or a filler piece.


I'm of similar opinion to Talae... Freaking cool looking effects for picture taking, but I'm not sure I'd want my stuff getting damp over a night of gaming or even worse having a chemical film deposited on everything at the table.



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Dry ice is made of sublimated CO2, which means it won't leave residue on anything. (You're exhaling it right now.)


You can buy it, or even make it, although it's not safe to touch without protective gloves, since you can get frostbite.


DF terrain with dry ice, tea lights, and other inexpensive effects: http://imgur.com/a/FJ69N


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