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02835: Jolie, female scribe

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When I started working on her, I failed to remove her original base sufficiently.  See the bit of white base at the end of her robe?  I couldn't remove that at the time, as I had nothing but a pair of snips with which to cut it, and it just couldn't get purchase on the surface.  So I went ahead and put her on the base in the hopes that I would be able to fix it with paint.  Aaand then it looked hopeless, because painting it to look like part of the robe didn't fit the shape of the robe, and it stuck too far up and at a weird angle to plausibly be painted as a brick in the path.


I didn't know what to do.  So I stuck her on the Shelf of Shame, where she has been sitting for months and months now.


I now have a razor saw which could probably slice that bit of extra material off, no problem.  But she's super-glued to the base.  And pinned.  I don't know how to get her off without damaging the base, which would be a shame since it goes very nicely with the figure.  I could just cut her off with the razor saw, but then I'd be left with a slice of material super-glued to the base and still not coming off.


So ... I throw myself on the mercy of the forum.  Any advice, O wise and sage ones?

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Why not just use a little putty and create a bit of rubble.

Or just glue some sands/flock there.


I notice the base has a fallen pillar or something, there is vegetation there?

Work with that.

Put a little vegetation like that to hide the offensive spot.


It's what I have done one numerous occassions!

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With super glue, you can often put the figure in the freezer and use a little force after 24 hours or so.  It will generally just pop right off.

I've done it with quarters on the bottoms of Zombiecide figures.  For the force, you want to use a thin blade between the base and the figure and once it starts it will just (usually) come right off.

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And the freezer trick worked perfectly.  Thanks so much!


EDIT:  Of course, I seem to have removed most of her foot while sawing off the excess base material.  Whoops!  It's hard to cut on a flat plane with a razor saw -- it's easy to get on a slight incline and then wind up cutting into unintended areas.


I think some greenstuff is in order.  I'm no great sculptor, but I can probably manage tolerably decent boot shape.

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I like the color of Royalty you are using...

Purple has always been my Fave... I am working on the Walking Dead Kickstarter Walkers and they seem to be a bit on the purple side... Very Las Vega-ish attire!  purples and such.. good job tho..


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First up, I primed the greenstuff foot and spent a little time cleaning up the purple base coat and starting to base coat bits of the rest of it.  I painted the belt a pale yellow here with the idea that I would highlight up to white to make it read as a warm white.


Oh, and I redid her eyes.  I'm still not happy with them.  Eyes are my bane. >.<;


Oh, and I spent a little time on the base, adding a sepia wash over everything.  Then I did some highlight and lined the edges of the larger bricks with Desert Sand, a color I just picked up at my local game store and have fallen in love with for this kind of thing.  (It was on sale.)








Then I went and looked her up in the Inspiration Gallery and thought "Oh, I get it!  That weird part where the band doesn't continue around the front is a separate panel of fabric from a completely different garment!"  This had completely escaped my notice previously.  So I decided it should be white, but a cooler white.  So I base coated it in Blue Flame and then highlighted it upwards with multiple layers of Linen White and Pure White.  I figure the purple part is a whole separate robe that she's wearing on top of a much plainer dress underneath.




The strappy bits obviously hold the over-robe on.  I want them clean, sharp, precise, and a fairly consistent width compared to one another.  So far, they are ... none of those things.  The phrase "sloppy as spilled noodles" springs to mind.  Curse my shaky hands.




Not much changed on the back beyond base coating the third doodad.  Oh, but I got the book starting to come together.




The cover is Oiled Leather.  The pages are Linen White, washed with sepia ink and highlighted with very thing pure white.


And at this point I went and started putting some shadows into the robe.






Those a very thin mix of Gem Purple -- the base color -- and Rich Indigo.


The straps are a teeny bit better in this last pic, but I'm still not happy with them.


And that's as far as I got during this evening's episode of Critical Role.


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More progress!


I did some highlighting on her robe, cleaned up the straps a bit, and laid in a base layer of Palomino Gold on the robe's fancy work.jolie-13.thumb.jpg.2d329e1611408cc2daf8b2d4947d5c83.jpg








Any tips on getting sharp, cleanly defined edges on fancy-work like hers?  This looks horribly sloppy to me.


Kinda wishing I had painted the mini BEFORE mounting her to the base.  Getting to the lower edges of the robe on the back is kinda hard.


And on a totally unrelated note, here are some pics of a base I'm working on for another mini.  One of my players painted his own mini but didn't have a base for it, and it kept falling over.














At this point it's been base coated in Desert Sand and Spruce Green, then washed in Sepia ink (on the stone parts) and black ink (on the moss).  It still needs highlighting.  I'd also like to do something to distress the stone face a bit, but I'm not sure what to do to it.

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I tried to paint some more of Jolie last night, but my heart wasn't in it and I didn't get very far.  I had other things on my mind -- mostly anticipation for an important job interview which happened earlier this morning.


I did manage to finish that base, and since I posted pics of it earlier, here it is done:










I thought about making a vine out of greenstuff to climb over the face, but I didn't think my sculpting skills were really up to it, and as mentioned, I was preoccupied.  So I just did some highlighting and finished it off.  I've also attached the player's mini to it at this point, though I don't know if he would want it posted, so I haven't photographed it.  But the figure was 03547: Juliette, Wizard.

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Adding a pic
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