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Hello everyone,


So this is my first project ever posted in this forum - yay. I am so excited.


Anyway - I have to admit I am not the best miniature painter - I am far away from that. I can't understand color theory, keep forgetting important steps and in those moments where I should be patient, I can't wait and ruin everything. Haha - nevertheless I try to become better and therefore I started this project.


Some time ago I came up with the idea to create an all-female soviet infantry battalion for the Bolt Action wargame.


If you want to know more, please check out this link: Strike Witches - All-Female Soviet Infantry Platoon (Warlord Games Forum)


It soon became apparent to me that the use of infantry alone wouldn't make any sense, so I decided to get me some tanks and personnel to man them - tank riders and officers to command the vehicles.




My army itself is painted in a merely tabletop standard, but as I am always flashed by what a good painter can achieve, I want to take the chance and try to enhance my skills by reading and watching tutorials on how to improve certain aspects of my painting and as the tanks will be standing out of the masses of infantry, I want their commanders to stand out, too.


That said, I started painting the three ladies using i.e. Corporeas face painting tutorial, didn't like the outcome, stripped them (*chuckles*) of all the paint, started painting again, ruined the job once more, stripped them again, painted once more, liked the face, ruined the leather, stripped them again and so on - I guess a plastic kit would be molten by now.


After a longer time without having the ability to paint, I returned to the painting table just to figure out I had forgotten almost everybit of knowledge I aquired regarding painting. So I went back here, but unfortunately Corporeas Tutorial was not "illustrated" anymore, thanks to photobucket.


So I decided to join the forum to inspire myself how to paint and to make some steps forward in painting miniatures.


Let's go.


The original figure I got looked like this:






Due to some ... breast issues in the wargaming forum I was present at that time ("Well, we like to play armies who in reality commited mass murder, but - oh my good - did you attach boobs to this figure?! How dare you?!" and so on) I decided to fuel the fire - and I really like the outcome. It reminds me a bit of anime figures. Haha.


She looked like this:




But as I wrote, I then totally screwed up the paintjob like a complete idiot and now I am back to square one.


Well then ... here we go again.






I had to correct some scratches in the Greenstuff, so that should be dry by tomorrow, then I'll base coat her and will start painting. Slowly and steady. One step after the other - and we will see where this ends.


See you next time!


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56 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

Cool project!


Thank you, sir


22 minutes ago, ultrasquid said:

While not entirely relevant to your project, here is some hot tank action commanded by cute anime girls, 

Girls und Panzer der Film, theatrical trailer


If you were to search for Strike Witches anime, you'd find a bunch of girls with airplanes for legs.


Yeah, I know them both. And let me say that I have never been attracted by any of them (which is somewhere written in the original project post). The only anime-and-game-and-merchandise-and-stuff series with girls and panzers I like I'd consider Valkyria Chronicles :-D

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Grammar Warfare
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Oi - no progress? Hm. I've gotta fix this.


So - while my female tank commanders are drying from cleaning and are missing some details I have to take care of first, let's continue with the tank riders.


Who knows my Roza Shanina Show Off - Have a look here ->Let's present ... Roza Shanina<- - already is aware that I am doing some conversions on my Russian girls. I want them to fit a winter style scenario, so ... I have to make Bad Squiddos Soviet tank riders into Soviet tank riders (winter).


Let's start ...




So - how to make sommer uniforms into this?




Right. First off - cut away all the buttons, pockets and so on - that also means I have to flatten the ladies. But no worries. We will fix that. I mean - I like well endowed characters - and I cannot field a number of awesome Soviet russian ladies without showing my opponents what they've got.


So - after cutting away all the stuff we don't need, let's continue making the snow camo.


First off body parts, then arms, then lower body parts and legs.




Thos two ladies still are at the beginning of their conversion.




Talking of well endowed ... gni-hihihi.




Those two are already far into the progress:






To be able to distinguish between them later on I will be making one of each pair with open hoods and one with a put on hood. That will be great.




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We will see ;-D


Wanted to do some stuff today but unfortunately I had to do some preparations for work, so I had no time. I have to catch up with it during the next days.

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Here's some progress on the tank riders:


After going through the process of sculpting bits and boobs and pieces ...







I finally managed to finish most of the first batch ... I just had to notice ... grrrr. I forgot one of the hoodies ... noooo! I need to correct that soon. But for the moment: YAY!








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