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Thanks for the enthusiasm folks!  I've been wanting to paint this figure for awhile.  I kept running into the I'm not good enough to paint her the way I want mindset.  Then it occurred to me... I can buy another!  So I broke her free of her blister and slapped on some primer.  I've decided to go for a dark skin tone in green cloth.  Not sure how it will go...  Picture later.

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Ok progress, of sorts.  I'm definitely not very practice at this particular skin tone.  But her is the result,  Started with a base of RMS Mahogany Brown,  Then Highlighted up to RMS Olive Skin, with a glaze to smooth out.  Then further highlighted with mix of Olive Skin and RMS Lenin White.



C&C Welcome

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On 7/30/2017 at 9:27 PM, Thes Hunter said:

The only mistake I think you made... was that you only worked the skin on her face. Glad you wrote down what colors you used! :lol:


But no, she is looking good. I like the way her skin tones read. 

@Thes Hunter Thanks, but I'm a bit of a messy painter.  I knew I would get green all over her arms from when I started her dress.


Speaking of starting her dress.  Here is a picture of her dress base coated.  How's this for green?


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More work on her Dress.  I used scale 75's greens for this dress.  I have one thing to say, the folds, yee gosh, the folds.  I then rebase coated the skin areas that got covered with the green to clean up the look.  Funny thing about camera's I looked the stomach part of her dress as I painted her and saw no real contrast.  Now it looks like it need fixin.  Ah well...


Here is where I stand:


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    • By bblythe84
      I painted her up as a fun project. Let me know what you think. 
      I am trying to improve my painting abilities.
      The purple marking on her thigh was supposed to be a skull tattoo, it didn't really work as well as I had hoped.

    • By planetmut
      Her face is way lighter in real life. In the pics she looks like she's got stubble...

    • By Samedi
      During my Shelf of Shame Project I started with the fairy. Since there is only room for one project on my wet palette, this one had to take the back seat during RVE. Today I finished another project, at least as far as the palette is concerned, so I can finally continue with my little fairy. Every aspect of this project was created by rolling dice.
      For everyone interested, here is a somewhat elaborate summary of part one:
      During weekend I usually put down my brushes. At the moment, painting is a stand in for my job that's on hold because of Corona restrictions, so there will probably be no progress until next week. I just wanted to set up everything so I can start right away!
    • By Darcstaar
      Such a fun idea for a mini!
      But then you have to paint all the dragon scales.
      I was going for a more Asian skin tone.  I tried to speed through this one since her sword was so bent.
      WIP link below.

    • By Inarah
      This was an experiment with color. I decided to give the Limited Palette challenge a try last night.  The challenge is 3 colors, plus black and white. Specifically, the three colors must be a blue, green, and pink.  I chose cyan blue, gnoll pelt, and cactus flower.  I'm quite happy with how she came out, for a figure I wasn't terribly interested in to begin with. 



      Sorry, my camera could not handle a close-up of the face. 
      For anyone wondering about the red hair, a strange thing happens when you mix cactus flower and gnoll pelt....

      The base is from Secret Weapon. 
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