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Bones Mummy - 77144

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Hi guys.  I've been away for a long time, but I finally did a quick something to shake off the cobwebs and get putting paint on something again.  Just a quick mummy.  I started with a thin base of Vallejo Ivory, then Army Painter Strong Tone over everything.  I did some highlights with Reaper Stained Ivory, then mixed some Vallejo Ivory in for a lighter shade for higher highlights.  Plus of course the detail work, the green eyes and the darker flesh bits.  I like the teeth I put at the edges of his mouth.  I tried to make his hands bonier and whiter along with some other exposed bones but don`t like how they turned out, I might pull them back a little darker later.  I think the gray primer is also showing through the sand on his base but I'm not worried about that.

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Accidentally uploaded the front picture twice
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