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Station 111 Pre-printed MDF Terrain and Gaming Mat.


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About this project


Welcome to TheXLC 2017 Kickstarter 

Station 111 Station 111

You stumble alone through the dark, desperately feeling your way through the twists and turns of the labyrinth you find yourself trapped in. Inhuman noises echo throughout the hallways, making your heart race even faster. Suddenly you slip, something wet on the floor catches you off guard and you almost fall. The blackness makes it impossible to see but you know in your heart that this is the blood of some unfortunate soul that has perished. You sink to the floor, feeling the crushing despair overwhelm you. Where are you? How did you get here? And perhaps most importantly, will you ever escape Station 111......

We are very pleased to launch Station 111, a full 4ft x 4ft wargaming terrain set, complete with a matching game mat!


Designed for close quarter games with limited lines of sight and suitable for use in a variety of game systems. 



It encourages a claustrophobic game style.


Offers a huge array of layout options. 




The pieces are solid, modular and pre-printed all you need do is peel off the backing sheet, glue the pieces together and its ready for use, it's that easy.

For this Kickstarter we are now offering 7 pledge levels. 

A full set contents: 

65 Wall sections.

4 Security Gates.

5 Bulkheads.

20 Barriers, 10 long - 10 Short

1 4ft x 4ft gaming mat.

Below is a selection of pictures showing how these parts will look once produced. 










Our first stretch goal is ready to go and will be announced when we hit our funding target!

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