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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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1 minute ago, Kuroneko said:


Thanks! I've now got two Tablets on my painting desk, one with that feed and one with a feed to an osprey mommy sitting on her eggs shouting at her hubby to bring her more fish ^_^

I think that's the weirdest comment today. Context please.

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7 minutes ago, Harrek said:


I think this was meant as a jab at a much larger miniature company who regularly changes over all their figure lines and paints ....


Emailed them last night on the mistake with the paints and I already have a tracking number with the replacement.  Thumbs up to their support!


I've got a tracking number for my Mossbeard as well.


I thought it might work best to report any significant problems when they're in all-hands shipping mode.

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Stone Giants:














Apologies for the clutter in the background.



They're mostly good, the carver is the one with the most issues.  The shaft of his hammer doesn't really line up with the back end of it at his hip.  The bases are all a little bit warped, but I'm probably cutting them off anyway.  (The heads will fit on better once I clean up the mold lines on the attachment points.)

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2 hours ago, kristof65 said:

getting to see Ed working pulling orders along with the rest of the crew was worth the quick peek I took. 

For those who don't have time or inclination to watch the whole program Ed makes a first appearance at about 11:05 into the program.

Just one more reason why I think Reaper is such a fantastic company.




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1 hour ago, Pineapple said:

Our Thunderfoot Behemoths do not include bases, which the add-on graphic seemed to indicate they'd have.  Not a huge deal for me personally, just wondering if others found the same thing.

I have two I'll check when I get home tonight and let you know

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Okay, for those of you who missed it (I know it was either really late or really early) here is the archive of the livestream unboxing, where I tackle my box::o:

And it appears everyone wants to see Chronoscope, so maybe I'll throw a video tonight (livestreamed? maybe?), since there's interest and I figured out my computer scene is the only thing backwards, not what you actually see:)

Ooh, and there is NO WAY anyone would miss Mossbeard, he is LITERALLY the biggest bagged item in the box, bigger then even the dance of death::o:



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29 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

I think that's the weirdest comment today. Context please.


I usually watch nest or feeder webcams whilst painting- It gives me a relaxing background noise and I can glance at it without affecting my painting rate. I'll put some more info after the spoiler.


I had to find my other Tablet so I could watch the Reaper live steam as well ::o: First world problems, eh?


This one is from a great little reserve at Loch of the Lowes and the female is sitting on 3 eggs that will be hatching in early May. She'll pretty much stay on the nest until the chicks fledge in August, only leaving briefly to let her Hubby incubate (occasionally) and to eat/get cleaned up


Family portrait




Here's a link, but the sun is setting soon. I'm going to repost the link in Off Topic once the eggs hatch :poke:


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25 minutes ago, Thoramel said:

It has arrived.



13 minutes ago, Thoramel said:

Well, that didn't take long. 


What's really amazing is how the cat's fur changed colors and got longer just by jumping in the box! :devil:

I knew those Reaper boxes were magic!

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2 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:
21 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:


Those are adorable kittehs, but how do you tell them apart?



Thank you!  They are actually brothers from the same litter and do look a lot alike, but there are a few tell tail signs that only a parent would notice. ::): First, you can see the one on the left has full white mittens on both front paws while the one on the right is showing one of his finger mittens that he has on both front paws. 


Also one has a black spot under his nose and the other has a plain pink nose. 

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