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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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1 minute ago, Laoke said:

Just a reminder before I go back to the Land of Nod:  promote this.  Get it out on the Book of Faces, ask your FLGS if you can put up a poster advertising it, let your gaming buddies know that the Bonespocalypse is upon us once again.  The more interest we drum up and the more pledges we get, the better for all.


Honestly, right now I'd advocate waiting 24 hours before trying to drum up interest.  It's going to be a long campaign...

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I opted for the pledge $1 or more option with $150 that way I can cherrypick.

And maybe add a little more later through the pledge manager..


For now. Looks good!!!

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Just now, NecroMancer said:

My first KS,  will I not be charged until the KS end?



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Just now, Sirithiliel said:

Does anyone else just LOVE this face here? it's so adorable



I like the one mentioning experience points, that look.


(Fantastic art by Talin once again!!)



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