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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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34 minutes ago, OneBoot said:


I photographed the entire Fan Favorites box set in this post: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/75913-reaper-bones-4-enthusiasm-and-commentary-thread/&do=findComment&comment=1821656


I only have the Hill giant huntsman from the rest of your list, but pckt's got you covered there. :) 



--OneBoot :D 


Thanks! Im going to need more glue. 

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4 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


we can agree to disagree :upside: the only flesh she has is in her neck and ribs, and tattered wing membranes. And i have always viewed the body filling as just  not wanting to make it hollow, otherwise i'd think there'd be flesh on the legs, on the vertebrae themselves, or anywhere else on the body other than inside the ribcage ^_^ but it can be either, and we all have our preferences


regardless, the new zombie dragon blows both kally and nethyrmaul out of the water



I painted it as fire. Being undead and stripped of flesh we can see the firebreathing system in her corpse.

So that's what I did.



I'm looking forward to getting the new Zombie Dragon, It looks great and your WIP shows the details even better.

So glad I pledged for it.


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5 hours ago, Jason Zavoda said:


I feel the same. I haven't looked over the kickstarter pics in a long time and I was pleased to see that my decision making on my order was mostly the same. I wish now Id picked up 2 king cobra's instead of just one. Im glad I picked up king of the jungle and avoided the chicken and the tree. I avoided the dinos as I have some from various sources and a whole host of raptors already but I would have liked a number of individual minis from various optional sets.


I didn't see the pics of the core set on the kickstarter page. Does anyone have a link?


Any unboxed pictures of the 

Darkreach Expansion 
Fire Giant Huntsman 
Hill Giant Huntsman 
Frost Giant Raiders
Cave Dwellers 
Fan Favorites 

I can cover a good amount of that. 


Most of darkreach, some x2 (except ones still needing assembly):




cave dwellers (minus the big rat guy) and trolls:








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On 4/18/2019 at 10:44 PM, redambrosia said:

Honestly I'm feeling pretty salty about Argent's reduction. I get all the reasons they had to do it, but the size was a major selling point. He was supposed to be stupid massive. 


I dunno. I feel like there's been a number of changes on things that were pretty big selling points, throughout this whole campaign, and it's pretty disappointing.

There was a discussion a while back about how Reaper is missing a community manager of some sort. I think this is a perfect example of why they should have one. If Bryan were still around, he likely would have let us know at the time about Argent's change. There would have been some grumbling, and probably a few refund requests, but I doubt there would have been too many as evidenced by how many people seem okay with the change.


The big thing is it would have been (mostly) dealt with months ago, so it wouldn't have quite as dampening an influence on the excitement of everyone getting their bones now. Of course there would still be some dissatisfaction as some people would have missed the initial announcements, but even so it would be considerably less. And any other changes, like hut legs and gibbet, would have been covered at the time. Who knows, if they had said what was happening and gotten feedback at the time they might have even been able to come up with an assembled/disassembled option for the hut. Either way, there would be considerably less impact at this time as these things would already have been covered.


For the record, I'm very happy with Argent's size. But I get people being upset, I was very disappointed when the size change went in the opposite direction for Kaladrax in Bones I, a mini that still sits in a box around here somewhere never to be used.

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I haven't received my bones 4 (they are on a boat having the adventure of a lifetime), but I am a little disappointed on the changes in Argent's size (Reaper could have communicated more, and probably should have. A good example was how the changes in the giant hunters were communicated and people showed that they really wanted to have that deer/caribou). To comment more on this I would need to hold Argent in hand. 

Personally, I did not find Kaladrax a fun sculpt. I prefer Nerthyrmaul and am sad that they changed sizes. (I do not have any of them)

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9 hours ago, OneBoot said:

Out of everything I didn't get, that snek is the one thing I really regret. I went back and forth so many times, but settled on "we've got SO MANY big minis now, and how likely is that to see play at the game table?" 


I shall wait patiently for retail. :) Hopefully that one won't be too difficult to package and will therefore come out soon-ish, it's pretty much just one solid piece. 

I think we've seen the snek in it packaging already, likely in a reaper live or reaper unboxing video. 

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18 hours ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

Yeah, I agree here. This wouldn't be nearly so frustrating if they'd been honest and upfront about it before fulfillment. Obviously, the decision to resize him was made months ago. They've had ample opportunity to communicate it to us, and they didn't. That's part of what really bugs me. It's another piece of their rather negative communication issues lately.


He may be big, but he's still smaller and less imposing than T'Raukzul. He won't look nearly as good opposite Ma'al Drakar when he's almost half her height. Yes, some of that his that he's not standing up, but he's also a lot less long than she is. I feel like they decided to just make the wings unnecessarily and uncharacteristically thicker than normal, and then somehow that lead to the whole dragon being downsized. I'm not happy with it. Will I live? Yes. Do I think it reflects poorly on Reaper? Yes. Will I be even half as trusting with renders rather than physical, finalized miniatures in the next KS? Yes. It's impacted my trust, that's for sure.


To reaper: while this can be embarrassing may I suggest something that would have been better Imho.  Some Kickstarter I have been part of realized that during production, for whatever reaaons, costs went up. So they posted it honestly and told ppl. We can save costs by making something smaller, less detail, different material , etc or ppl who wanted it pay an extra $20 or whatever. Then ppl voted and decided etc.  I for one would gladly pay even 40-50 more for the larger bones one.  Now it looks like I have to hope you guys sell a resin one later and pay what... $500+ for it?  Considering these models aren't near the detail level of mierce, forgeworld, etc even the resin versions imho shouldn't be worth that high. That said, I do like the pose and really wanted it as one of my showpiece models and for bahamut in my current epic campaign. Sadly, being 8 inches or so it's not even in the top 10 of my larger models (even if we don't include the larger bones stuff coming in part 4).  Still can't wait for the roc, dinosaurs, etc by my main show piece and excitement is gone (I was one of the ppl commenting hoping for a bahamut reveal during the month Kickstarter campaign) back in 2017. 





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9 hours ago, Cyradis said:

I don't have Nethyrmaul to compare, just Kally and the zombie dragon and skeletal dragon. The ZD is very distinctly zombie at least. Could probably also be used as a smaller dracolich, but c'mon, if you're a dragon and intend to become a lich... gotta get bigger first. Can't become a dracolich when a human is still a choking hazard! 

I mean, the zombie dragon is roughly gargantuan in scale, for Pathfinder/3.x purposes. Some dragons, like Whites, never get any larger than that, so that could be a dracolich from one of the dragon types that don't get larger...

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52 minutes ago, Fnordlover said:

Those giants are probably why they decided not to mention it. The caribou was not the only change made to them, and they are still not what was originally advertised. There was a lot of heated debate over them, and I doubt Reaper wanted a repeat.


I agree with your assessment. After the whole campaign to save the caribou I doubt they wanted another big kerfuffle on something it sounds like they couldn't fix with the money they had taken in for Argent.

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UPS did its best to destroy my bones.

Argents internal box was smushed as well.


No bones were damaged YAY! 

also only 10lbs of bones - very restrained collection.


The zombie dragon is one of the first I'm planning on painting, of all the undead dragons Reaper has made this is the first I have actually purchased.

hmm the only game im running is a low-level kids game - and there are rumors of a dragon near their base.  they really want to fight it, but you never know how long a kids campaign will last - I could probably work it in with only session or two build up.


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King of the Jungle has a broken tusk but a little super glue fixed it. Dargon turtle and Roc are both good. Narly has all his pieces and I did a little gluing on him. 


Sooooo much left to inventory but I need to do some cleaning first. 

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