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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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I just finished inventory of my Lost Valley expansion.

Everything is good except for the Mumlaks tusk which I had posted about a few days ago.


Only other expansion I bought was Dreadmere, but I’ll have to inventory that and all the add ons another day as it’s getting late.

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17 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

Lost Valley on the other hand... the quality was all over the place. Some figures were amazing! Some figures were just okay. They can all be used for tabletop, but man, whoever did quality checks on the sculpts for that expansion needs new glasses or retraining.

I wasn’t thrilled with the raptors shown during the kickstarter, but I was hoping Reaper would do something amazing and improve them before production.

If anything they turned out worse.

Which is too bad cause I’ve been wanting some well done raptors, which these aren’t.

And I don’t understand why that is, when you look at how well detailed and cast the smaller figures like the Neanderthals are.


During the kickstarter I was torn between getting a second Dreadmere set or getting a Lost Valley set.

I’m still undecided if I made the right choice.


18 minutes ago, pcktlnt said:

What do people think about the assembled miniatures and the disassembled miniatures? With assembled minis

Yes it’s extra work but I prefer unassembled.

Besides, I’ve always felt like assembly was part of the hobby process.

It’s something I find I like to do when I need a break from painting.

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Every Bones KS for me includes some figures that are definitely going in the BOGW.. there were fewer this time but I only got the Darkreach expansion because there were a lot of minis I didnt want in the other 3 expansions..


I got the Core set this time, but I hadn't gotten the core in 2 or 3.. 


I also prefer unassembled for anything larger than 32mm..  I'm most disappointed by the Rock Troll and the hut being pre-assembled.. I'm hoping maybe we get the hut without the legs as a Halloween item.   I'd even buy it in resin if they did a limited run.  I'll just base it and find some way to mount the cage to the house once I cut the legs off.  I managed to break the Troll off it's base and it only cost me the bottom of one toe.. still, It's paintable asis.  I may throw it in the BOGW and buy it unassembled at retail, assuming it comes unassembled as they stated iit would.  I'm not sure I trust that right now.


I was waiting for the Raptors to come out in metal.. but looking at those details, maybe not.  


I love the wraiths and the Nagendra though.  I wasn't going to get them until I saw them at RCon.  I was going to wait for them in metal, but they look really good in the grey regular bones.

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My current thoughts from seeing what other people got and the quality of the items:

- Dreadmare: looks like the best expansion, I am happy it is the only one I got.
- Frost Giant Huntresses: I like the giant sculpts, but am surprised that the wolf didn't change from the render (which I assumed to be a work in progress due to looking so cartoony). Overall I prefer them to the Rulers of Hell (which I didn't get).

- Dragon Turtle, Rocky, Zombie Dragon, and Dance of Death: Wow!

- Blacksting: I am pretty happy I got it, though I did not manage to find a fully assembled picture (can't go into wow yet)
- Lovecraft Horror: Nice base and sculpt.
- Argent: pity about the size, sculpt is okay and distinct and for the price, I still find it fun

- King Cobra: This is the only sculpt I am sad I didn't get. 
- Roc: Nice sculpt, but I hate painting feathers.
- Skeletal Dragon and Treeman: Nice, but I see no point having them
- Darkreaches: like it but not enough miniatures I would like to paint.
- Lost Valley: Mumlak size was a surprise, but I had no need for 50% of the figures so I am happy I didn't get it (especially with the resolution of some of the sculpts). 

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I was looking at my UPS tracking and hoping that it might have jumped ahead from Weds delivery (but I mean Weds only feels far off when Im reading these posts) and i notice my package is only 11.6 pounds. What in blazes did some people order to gert 40+ pound packages?

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2 minutes ago, Jason Zavoda said:

I was looking at my UPS tracking and hoping that it might have jumped ahead from Weds delivery (but I mean Weds only feels far off when Im reading these posts) and i notice my package is only 11.6 pounds. What in blazes did some people order to gert 40+ pound packages?

More appropriately, what didn't they get?

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8 minutes ago, Jason Zavoda said:

I was looking at my UPS tracking and hoping that it might have jumped ahead from Weds delivery (but I mean Weds only feels far off when Im reading these posts) and i notice my package is only 11.6 pounds. What in blazes did some people order to gert 40+ pound packages?


Beats the heck out of me. I only ended up with about 38 lbs.



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25 minutes ago, Monkeywizard said:

For the US backers that are now receiving their packages.. Is there a signature required for delivery, or does UPS leave it?

No signature, but if you use their MyChoice service you can pay extra to require one, if I remember right. 

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8 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:


i'm the opposite. I got the coreset when I should have just gotten the bits of it I wanted, i don't know what i was thinking. I'm not going to use a lot of the minis in the core set, and not going to enjoy painting them, so i'm not going to get as much enjoyment from them as i would those movie tickets. 


what i enjoy are the big things. I like to paint them, i hate painting humanoids and tiny figures. I only do them because the hubby uses them for gaming, except even he didn't need the entire core set. I wish i knew what i was thinking 2 years ago when i pledged for it, hindsight is always 20/20


the value of the core set is amazing, but it doesn't do much when the figures sit unpainted in a box for years because we don't need them and selling on ebay is a horrible pain in the butt that i don't want to deal with, so they sit there waiting to be chopped up for conversion parts.


namely what i'm saying is that not all people get the enjoyment out of it as everyone else, we're all different

I've had more fun with the Core since getting married - divvying things up is fun. ::):


Some items we called Dibs on ahead of time, the rest will be in a pile, and we will take turns... then most likely stuff them into a box and pick and choose as need arises, rather than hoarding our own piles.


The Auld Grump

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