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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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23 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Does anyone have a decent pic of the Ghost Pirates?

And of the Barge's crew?


I gave it a shot (or two) :P


Ghost Pirates:



Barge Crew:



Whoops! I missed one! He fell off the backside of the boat, so I didn't see him when I grabbed the rest: 




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56 minutes ago, OneBoot said:






If you need any other Fan Favorites pics, let me know; I photographed everything in that particular box for some reason lol. I put them all in a post...somewhere upthread.



He does! And even better, it has a cat paw foot!



--OneBoot :D 


Thanks! That is an odd looking skull-head. I may see if a I hjave a diifferent headd for it.


I wonder if some could pst pics of the Darl Elves fro the darkreach expansion

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4 hours ago, Thes Hunter said:

Wave 11 already. Wow. 


Back to cleaning and putting things away so I have space to put these things away, and THEN maybe time to paint all of Bones 1, & 2 & 3 & 4!!! Lol.


When I die, make a masoluem out of my unpainted minis.


Race vs EU/UK getting their shipment vs the Box coming from China/LA for Wave 1 people!! My 2 cents is sadly on the UK shipments.

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Just now, Ratmaster2000 said:

Why is there a gaping hole in Mr.Bones err I mean Charon?


His guts fell out, of course. 


For those of you receiving replacement paints, check the box. Either my email was misread, or the paints still have labeling issues. The ones sent are the ones I already had, not the ones that were missing. I verified my email message to make sure I hadn't derped it up too. 


They did however replace the mammoth and zombie shark which were mucked up. Yay those guys get to be used! I may even have need of a zombie shark soon >:) 

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Does any have pictures of the 'Rulers of Hell' add-on? I remember the master of the female from one of the KS updates but I have not been able to locate a picture of the final product for either of them. 

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Did anyone get the updated Rathuros? Being a "old-school" fan of Reaper I was torn between him & the demon that looked like him but only had 2 arms. I opted for that one over this Rath'y. I'll probably pick it up sometime but curious what he actually looks like in physical form.

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24 minutes ago, Brother Jim said:

So on that Ogre, is the only "fleshy" bit (so to speak) the skull?

Because with a different (helmeted) head that would make a fully armored Ogre.

And I need one of those.

you can see a little bit of rotting meat in the back of the knees and elbows. so if you want it fully covered, you may want to green stuff some cloth into the joints

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3 hours ago, Generic Fighter said:

MY BOX IS HERE! and has been opened and pictures have been taken! and are uploading to my laptop as I post! Anyone interested in Pictures?



Of course we are.

Especially those of us who are waiting for the lagging container to finally land at Reaper's doorstep.


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