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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

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So after checking my order there seems to be only one problem:
- The herbalist from dreadmare is missing a part (from looking at a painted example it seems to be the cylindrical part tht is hanging on her waist), since I don't really like how that part looks I may just sculp the clothing in that area and not even ask reaper for a replacement. Its also possible that I missed that part when taking her out of her bag or it fell off.

Some minor annoyances:
- some of the pre completed miniatures have some noticable gabs (not all of them)
- A peg of one of argent's wings looks like if it was partially cut in production (so that it fits the place its meant to go) 
- The Nyarlathotep base was bent and after the water trick (partial since its pretty large) the figure doesn't really fit the spaces for it.

My mistakes:
- the minis I glued in have some minor gaps (looks like they were caused in the changes in temperature) 

- Dance of Dragons is a pain to put togetther so I will do it later when I have some hot water and time

Some comments:

- I like how the Frost Giants turned out and even the wolf is not that bad when held in hand.
- The dragon turtle is amazing

- Civilians are full of character 
- The medium to big miniatures are really good.
- Rocky is fun.

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IMO Reaper has always had a communication/PR problem due to the way that they choose to structure the dissemination of information. ie. We can't post an update because it's not update day. We can't gi

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Hot water is a must when putting together Dance of Death. 

I used copper wire to hold them in place on top of the base, and in the correct shape while they cooled off.

(Start with the 3 body parts that connects together; body and tail section of one, and body of the other)   

You may want to pin the to entangled forelimbs to keep them straight.  

(It's a bit of a pain to pin, but curved forelegs looks just horrible)    


DO NOT glue them to the base until after you've finished putting them together and GreenStuffed. 

If you can wait, don't glue them in place until after they've been painted. 


I have batherd and straightened the dragons, glued their bodies together and are GSing them. 

I have NOT glued the dragons to each other. though. 


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Aetherworks isn't sending the emails, they are automatically sent by AusPost when scanned into the AusPost system.


I think  I've seen somewhere from Aetherworks (don't ask me where though, as it was a while ago) that for some reason the emails aren't always sent for international shipments. Checking their Facebook they're saying they're nearing completion with shipping, so hopefully you're in this boat and it's already on it's way.


looks like at least some are arriving in NZ, but no info as to whether they received emails or not.


OF course, this would probably mean that yours was the first packed - and therefore last off the pallet :-)

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So I couldn't rememeber when the next Wizkids upm wave came out (knew it was soon, as I was needing the Spectator) & I came across this article in regards to Bones 4 at retail:


Reaper Bones Monthly Assortment Packages are back! Each month, starting in June 2019, Reaper is offering a new package containing the brand new Bones 4 models.

And just like before, they’re discounting these Monthly Assortment Packages for retailers. Reaper is taking more right off the top, so when you buy a Bones 4 Monthly Assortment Package, you’re saving an even higher percentage off MSRP. It’s the equivalent of about $50 in free Reaper product with each monthly package.

Bones 4 Monthly Assortment Package, June 2019
Publisher: Reaper Miniatures
Item Code: RPR97420
MSRP: $89.86
Releases June 2019

The contents of the Bones 4 June Assortment are also available individually:

Code Description
RPR44013 Jakob Knochengard
RPR44014 Andowyn Thrushmoor
RPR44015 D’Vandra Lukesia
RPR44016 Dreadmere Mercenaries
RPR44017 Juliana, Herbalist
RPR44018 Sheriff Drumfasser
RPR44019 Reeve Planomap
RPR44020 The Crimson Herald
RPR44021 Maggotcrown Bonesack
RPR44022 Dreadmere Wight
RPR44023 Hivewarden
RPR44024 Giant Frogs
RPR44025 Bloodwolf
RPR44026 Razormouth
RPR44027 Terror Fish
RPR44028 Torlan
RPR44029 Bufo
RPR44030 Spirit Beast
RPR44031 Giant Leeches
RPR44032 Boat
RPR49001 Alien Overlords
RPR49002 Toolbots
RPR49003 Sliggs and Squarg
RPR49004 Bollards
RPR44100 Mumlak Deluxe Boxed Set


I'll admit, I'm glad it's mostly Dreadmere coming first at the was the expansion, I wanted but didn't want it during the KS. As I have a bunch of the medium sized figures in metal & being Bones, I wasn't sure of the quality we were getting. Looking forward to the releases at retail!

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1 hour ago, haldir said:

So I couldn't rememeber when the next Wizkids upm wave came out (knew it was soon, as I was needing the Spectator) & I came across this article in regards to Bones 4 at retail:



See also:


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11 hours ago, Sanwah said:

Yeh...I am still waiting to see if I get a second box, or if I am missing a lot of stuff


You will get your pledge in one shipment!

If you received a box and miss stuff, email Reaper!

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12 hours ago, Sanwah said:

Yeh...I am still waiting to see if I get a second box, or if I am missing a lot of stuff


How much did you order?   


My $350 worth of bonesium weighed in at 8Kg, and fit in a box that originally held 4 x core sets.

The most voluminous parts were the Core set, Argent(in a box about the same size but half as thick as the Core set), We Will Roc You, Dance of Death, Mossbeard, Stygian Barge, Dragon turtle, and Tree of Despair.    

(I had a lot of smaller stuff too )   


And people with much larger orders have also gotten it as one shipment.   


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I am missing:

Dragon Turtle


Dance of Death x2


Ruler of Hell

Thinderfoot Behemoth

Blacktooth Terror

Skeletal Dragon


Hence why I was thinking there might be a second box.  I have sent an email off...


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20 minutes ago, Disciple of Sakura said:

I remember when my bones were in Japan. My organs and skin were there, too. Good times...


2 hours ago, DBloom said:

Hey everyone, do the Bones 4 minis from the Kickstarter have their Reaper number on the bottom of them like the other minis?

None of the bones as far as I know have their number on them, only reaper miniatures and the date of the manufacture. 

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