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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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4 hours ago, Reaperbryan said:

We expect to see the evening average faster than the morning, and things to gradually slow down as people spend their weekend gaming, with family, or whatever people do. 


Painting, obviously. You think I have time for family with all these unpainted minis? They're my family now...*creepy laugh*


1 hour ago, Sirithiliel said:


exactly! win-win!

mostly, we have a ton of regular monsters like goblins and kobolds, and a lot of PC adventurers, we realy want to flesh out the towns. So much of games happen in towns, with NPCs and nice town folk and then the low tier thugs, bandits, and thieves. Town guard, militia, etc. the simple thug guys could stand in for those too


Now that I've gone full circle and started to get a lot of hero sized minis in metal, I appreciate the full Reaper catalogue here. They have a Townsfolk IV: Bandits set that's really nice. Also I had already gotten some of the guys from the last Kickstarter in metal (the bandit-y club holding leather wearing guys) without realizing I was about to get them in Bones too. But I'm always happy to see more bandits, townsfolk, and NPCs (LOVED the set of townsfolk from the last KS) because Reaper tends to release all their hero sized bones in metal eventually anyways, so win-win for me.


Also really excited to see that wyvern. That's an itch that needed scratching for years.

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7 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

Reaper is making the core set harder and harder to resist...  


I believe that is their master plan....besides brainwashing us all into buying all their models and going to ReaperCon.

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8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Reaper is smartz!



@Aryanun has some awesome rhymes in the comments to spur things on.


And it keeps getting longer. Currently its:


 A wishlist plea for you to find
Transparent wing bits of all kinds
Feather, leather, insect, fairy
Twisted, normal, bright, and scary
Leafy, petal, web, and torn
Bone, armored, clockwork, thorn
Coral, fin, shale, and shell
So we can mod Bones to our will.

Lovely Fae from ancient lore
Combined with legends by the score
At a glance they are light and bright
But a second look brings dread and fright
Teeth and fangs in unlikely places
Extra eyes and extra faces
Tentacles instead of fingers
Run now in fear, do not linger.

Angelic beings up on high
Dressed in splendor, armored to fight
From ancient texts to varied myth
Many celestial creatures exist
From wheels of eyes bound in flames
To ocular-sown six-winged noble beings
Flying, human-faced bovines
Planetars, devas, guardinals... all divines

Towers, walls, and gazebos
Skull-faced cliffs and parts of cathedrals
Ruined temples with pillars broken
Places with dark evils lurking
Labyrinthine garden hedges
Would make us want to up our pledges
Terrain pieces as in previous Bones
Would increase value as add-ons

A rockin' bardic mini Izzy
With sprue of instruments aplenty
Spell effects of transparent Bones
Would be a cool add-on to Core
The goblins are in need of a king
Buglips would be just the thing
Wait, that might be a bit too much
The stank alone would make us lose our lunch

Squidhats... weresheep if you please
ReaperBryan is such a tease
And some flumphs, flailsnails and goats
To help us guard a massive moat
ReaperRon is up to tricks
But we'd like a greater monster mix
Dragons! Dragons! Give us more!
We'll go and empty the Reaper store!

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3 hours ago, Pochi said:

Killer apes!

Every time I see the boss ape, that scene from the new PoTA pops in my head:


2 hours ago, Pingo said:

Every time I see apes I think about getting three of each:


One to paint black/dark brown


One to paint gold-orange


One to paint white (a.k.a. white apes and / or yeti)

I have enough Yeti's from KS III for that:) But multiple apes is always good.

2 hours ago, Amra_the_Black said:

These damn, dirty apes will have a spot on my table in many games indeed.


Get your bones off me you damn dirty apes:)

2 hours ago, NecroMancer said:

At this point the core set is going to be too good of deal to pass up

Yes, I have already resolved myself to buying this, probably after KS closes but if Ebay does well this month, maybe sooner:)

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28 minutes ago, JDizzO said:

Gauth, the wyvern, and the griffon look like they could use a companion on their back.

I doubt at this point they would but it would be sooooo cool if they offered a package of riders!


Maybe as an optional add on?

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