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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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11 hours ago, strawhat said:

I read that in Dee Snyder's voice and then heard the guitars.

I wanna rock (ROC)!


10 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Yep.  Apes for Frostgrave.  Apes for Ghost Archipelago. 


Apes in that Shadowrun Research facility.

Dang it, hush! Now I'm getting two of them...


10 hours ago, TGP said:








...riddle me this. Where would I find dwarfs armed with bows?


Crossbows. Do. Not. Count.


Modern fantasy fandom has glommed onto a notion that dwarfs only ever use crossbows, for reasons that make no sense at all. Dwarfs: lots of upper body strength; lots of skill forging things of metal ... those two skill sets should result in compact, powerful, steel bows that can only be drawn by compact little archers with silly amounts of upper body strength:


Dwarves with bows. 


But I know of only one blister of such...


...anywhere, ^ these guys ^. 


Does any other figure maker arm dwarfs like those?


There is one type of Dwarf that is rare and almost unheard of. 

West Wind miniatures; check out the dwarf wars game.

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I wasn't fully sold on the core set, but the griffon, wyvern, and dragon are worth it, and I could probably use the goblins. I like pretty much everything else in the core set. Don't LOVE them, but I like them well enough. Even the minitaurs to an extent. Love Narglauth, definitely picking him up. Maybe the paint. I know it's a great deal, but I'm running out of room for paint. Might pick up the dragon turtle as well. As for the Chronoscape expansion? Yese. Yes, I'm getting it for sure. I generally play fantasy, but I dabble in scifi as well, and it will fill a huge gap that I need.

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I think the minitaurs are actually quite useful for d&d since PC minotaurs are supposed to be size medium instead of large if I remember right. 


I'll probably mod one to look like a monk. A minotaur drunken master sounds fun. ::):

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I'm becoming increasingly happy with the core set, even though I don't want or need 36 more goblins/kobolds and the rest is all fantasy (and my group doesn't play fantasy rpgs).  There's a good assortment of new figures to paint and I like the new monsters. 


Really on the fence about that chronoscope set, because -aside from new sculpts - I have all the models there that I'm interested in.  Maybe a 3rd expansion will tip it into "must have" territory. 


Most of the Optional rewards don't interest me, except the cute baby dragons.  I'm thinking about the paint, because in 2 years I think I'm going to need new paints, just not in those colors.  Much of what I own now is 8-10 years old and starting to get empty. Or I may just do a big resupply at Reapercon. 



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