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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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22 minutes ago, LittleBluberry said:

I'm so conflicted with the Dreadmere expansion...  Some of the human-sized ones I might have in metal but then they had to include a boat.  I really want that boat. 


I'm in the same boat (har har). I already have the fish wives and those three dreadmere dudes in metal (because they are awesome). Dat boat tho...

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As others have said, the expansion is great at a great time. The cave dwellers in the core really up the value there two with 3 large monsters everyone can use more of. The cyclops is pretty hard to find too. I like mike existing metal ettin better as a sculpt, but why only have one ettin? 


Can we get the Dragon Turtle Base separately? Seems really great, I could use nice large treasure piles for $5.

Hand powered railroad cart. I am thinking like the old-timey 2 man propelled thing. Would look good even off tracks.  

Siege weapons. Any or all would be welcome.

Carnival / Circus . I seen people mention these as expansions. Seem like great themes.

Peddler’s wagon.  This was my dream last time and I will say it again. I can picture it and my mind and only hope one of the great sculptors takes on a Roma inspired fantasy grouping. I have a major NPC in every campaign that fits into this concept.

What is better than the Peddler’s wagon? An entire expansion filling out a wagon train or caravan. Game of Thrones fans know how cool a wagon train could be.

Classic models that would be great in Bones.

14209 Mossbeard  - Tree of Woe needs friends

03672 Giant Sloth – Way cooler than most people know

02739 Dire bat – And maybe a squad of babies to go with it

14150 Grave Horror – Just painted in and can attest to how wonderful this sculpt is. Without a graveyard expansion this time, it would be a good fit here a complement for returning backers.

02728 Iron Golem – Could be a cornerstone in a multi-part assemble your own golem workshop thingy

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So it's interesting. When we look at every (including the FB chibis) that is on the table to unlock, we reach an interesting balance point. Where the Medium sized minis are the same price as the price per mini without adjusting for size.


Size of Mini Standardization Units Assigned Price Per Model
Small 1 $0.48
Medium 2 $0.96
Large 3 $1.44
XL 4 $1.91
Gauth 10




So once we get Human Females, and Cave Dwellers along with the FB chibis, we will be at 104 minis. Which is 96 cents a mini. But if you want to balance based on size... medium sized minis are also 96 cents. Now you don't get gauth for 96 cents by adjusting for size, but at $4.78 he's still a great deal! And, you can see those small sized figures are actually less than 50 cents a piece. 


And this is just with 1/3 of the campaign over. I'm pretty sure we are going to get to much lower prices per fig by the end of this. 

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4 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

Posted my prediction in the KS comments.  Figure I'll repeat it here.


Ron said the next expansion will be dark fantasy featuring something from Ad on.  I say Dreadmere.  Possibly getting the Dreadmere Townsfolk and Mercenaries in Bones.


:lol: You totally called it!


2 hours ago, Pezler the Polychromatic said:

Thank you @OneBoot for dredging through the entirety of the Kickstarter comments just to get the tidbits. Guess you wanted to wipe out any sanity that survived the Ma'al Drakar Challenge.:lol:


Sanity? Pfft. Overrated. Plus I think I scared off any I might have had left long, long ago. :upside:


Re: Dreadmere Expansion - It's a very very nice expansion, but I think I'll hold off on pledging for it for now, since there aren't many "Oh wow we totally need that!" figures (at least yet). I'm trying so very hard to pledge more conservatively this KS, but it's hard.:unsure:



--OneBoot :D

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7 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:


Since Reaper's opening a hub in the UK, that should provide a better option.  Eventually.  


That depends on what happens with the whole Brexit debacle. But if it means VAT on UK goods I hope they open a German or French branch instead.


New update: love the cave dwellers! That Cyclops looks so derpy.

Not convinced on the expansion. I do want that boat, but I really don't need more random PCs.

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