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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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I completely get nostalgic attachment to the things I loved when I was a kid. I still have very fond memories of Doc Smith's Lensman series and Weis and Hickman's first Dragonlance series. The person I was when I read them the first time loved them unreasonably.


But I make no claim that either is good, just that I really enjoyed them.


I really enjoyed The Sword and the Sorcerer when it came out, too, though that was more of a "watching the train wreck" kind of enjoyment. (It is so bad, but with the right attitude, it was hilarious.)


I watched Krull in the theater in first release, and thought then that it was neither good enough nor bad enough to be entertaining. (Sometimes bad is just tedious.) This is not to try to invalidate anyone's experience. If you had fun with it and watched it obsessively, then you had a great time and that's a good thing. It's your equivalent of what the Lensman series was for me, and I make no apologies for my love of that.

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1 hour ago, Mushu_Green said:

I wanted to give more exposure to this by posting it here than in the comments, and i know im late... but a spider-woman monster/thing would be soooo cooool to paint !!


Résultat d’images pour spider woman monster



I could use that!

The current Spider Demoness is too small for what I want..


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32 minutes ago, Smigg the Miserable said:

I've recently embarked on checking out a lot of old-school and classic fantasy movies that I missed at the time by virtue of having not been born yet.  This weekend past was Hawk the Slayer, which I enjoyed thoroughly despite (or possibly because of) some delightfully low-budget effects.  Neverending Story is currently one of the options for next weekend.


If you're working on 80's era fantasy movies, don't forget Ladyhawke.  It is both classic and 80's. :)


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26 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:


Sorry, but I saw most of those when they came out and several since. I know better.


Krull? Really?


And as for GoT? Nice production values. I'm glad you like it.

Yes, Krull! I saw it in the drive in when I was a kid, and while the plot was tired, the idea that everyone could join together to fight a great evil was truly imprinted on me. 


When you look at a movie, if you try to put yourself in the shoes of the period, like way back for classics like Gone with the Wind, you can truly enjoy them. If you look at everything with the critical eye of "it could have been done better" by today's standards, you are going to rob yourself of literally a hundred years of film.


And yet, how many of us compared the prequels to the originals when it came to Star Wars? Or even the new ones? Newer does NOT always mean better.

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3 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:


One small request to your summary, if I may.  You list Total to Next goal and Current Total pledges, but don't actually list the next goal number.  Could you please?

I think I can swing that.


9 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

When did the randomness thread get moved over here?::P:

Uh... What day did the kickstarter launch? That day!


Numbers Based on 1000-1100 Reaper time today:     
Total Gain Today:     $7,544
Total Gain 24 Hours:     $25,674
Total to Next Goal:     $8,072
New Backers This Hour:     5
Gain in last Hour:     $1,128
Current Average Pledge:     $120.44
Average Hourly Backers Today:     3.5
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours:     4.4
Average Hourly Pledges Today:     $754
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours:     $1,070
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour:     7.2
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg:     7.5
Current Total Pledges:     $1,286,928
Current Total Backers:     10,685
Previous Hour Total Pledges:     $1,285,800
Previous Hour Total Backers:     10,680

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Well, I know I'm nobody special, but the past 3-4 pages would've made a lot more sense in the randomness thread....



Unless Reaper suddenly mentioned (and I missed the announcement) they were making Krull, Lady Hawke, etc figures for bones 4

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20 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:

 The person I was when I read them the first time loved them unreasonably.


I like this. We often overlook how much we have changed when we wonder why certain things from nostalgia don't live up to expectation. It's happened to me numerous times in the last few years when I've bought things from my past on Ebay and expected them to ignite an old feel-good high.....they so rarely do

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