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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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Numbers Based on 1900-2000 Reaper time today:
Total Gain Today: $220,414
Total Gain 24 Hours: $275,774
Current Goal: $2,480,000
Total to Next Goal: $30,286
New Backers This Hour: 37
Gain in last Hour: $17,638
Current Average Pledge: $168.55
Average Hourly Backers Today: 32.8
Average Hourly Backers 24 Hours: 33.3
Average Hourly Pledges Today: $11,021
Average Hourly Pledges 12 Hours: $14,947
Average Hourly Pledges 24 Hours: $11,491
Hours to next goal based on gains this hour: 1.7
Hours to next goal based on 12h Avg. 2.0
Hours to next goal based on 24h Avg: 2.6
Current Total Pledges: $2,449,714
Current Total Backers: 14,534
Previous Hour Total Pledges: $2,432,076
Previous Hour Total Backers: 14,497
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Oh good golly.  Way too many options for things that I would like to grab.  While I may not be into RPGs as much as some folks here, I am into Age of Sigmar, and many of the large Bones models work great for alternatives to the more expensive GW and Forge World models.  Plus, I like to home-brew rules and make scenarios that aren't in the books too.


That Ent model looks awesome!  He would work excellently in my wife's Sylvaneth army.  Bigger than anything that GW has for that army, but that won't stop me from writing up rules for it :)  Not to mention that the Thunderfoot and Blacktooth dinosaurs would work perfectly for a Lizardmen army!  I personally hope that Reaper makes a large rock monster that is an amalgamation of magically animated rocks.


Thanks goodness for the Pledge Manager!  That will be getting some of my money each paycheck in the coming months.

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Damn it Reaper! (And by that, I mean Woohoo!) :devil:


You've now developed mind-reading powers as I was thinking to myself not long ago how Reaper has very little in the likes of treants.


Sheesh, what's next? Zombie sharks? [cough]


2 hours ago, Chris Palmer said:

Years from now our grandchildren will ask, "Where were you on the day Bones 4 ended?"   And we'll recall the distant memories, and say, "Aye, lad, I was there.  And I remember the terrible wallet carnage that day." 



It's hard to imagine how Reaper will possibly top this Kickstarter when they do Bones 5, but deep down we all know somehow they will...they will find way.  And once more the wallets will weep.



Then the grandchildren will ask: "Where's grandpa Cranky now?" And we'll answer: "He's locked himself in the basement, pledging on Bones 27."

"Doesn't he know he'll never finish his minis at the speed he's painting?" The family starts sobbing.


On a more serious note, any future Bones will be more and more new sculpts as they said that their current catalogue of metal minis that can be converted is getting smaller. Also, Reaper and the sculptors keep getting better at knowing what to expect of the Bonesium material, and that ideas for big pieces are endless.

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1 minute ago, Crowley said:

If only the storage/display space was equally as endless... 



We need them to coninually release larger and larger Modern Terrain storage containers, so we can start using them for practical Bones storage.  


Or start offering Bonsium bricks so we can all start building additions onto our houses...

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3 minutes ago, Crowley said:

Penguin Sprue on the new expansion... 


Dear gods... What's Froggy gonna do with that once he gets hold of it.... 




Ah, email hand arrived yet.  Now I see.






And cavalry!!!  I know some folks (including me) who are going to be happy about that.   Just too bad it's not in its own set that you can order multiples of.  


Thats a pretty amazing expansion.   Here's betting the Cat Dragon is in there somewhere...



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