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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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Wow, so we even have a Kitchen Sink expansion where everything goes!


This is the one I *really* did not expect.




Now I'm curious to know if the center is removable or not? Because I remember thinking during RCon how a colored transparent base could make an interesting portal effect.


Since it'll be made of Bonesium or the harder plastic, it shouldn't be too complicated to it at home.

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I'm holding out for Biglups, Koblin "Gink" myself.  Pretty much the last thing on my wishlist : )


And I agree - I hope they make that portal in translucent Bonesium™.


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2 minutes ago, JGF said:

Oh the not-slaad and portal are really nice.... dont suppose you have a shot with Sir Forscale in there?  


Actually those hellhounds, and the lurker are great too...




I don't own Sir Forscale (the kids lost him), but:





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