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Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread


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I'm going to have to make some hard, hard choices.  That expansion has eaten up the money I had put aside for the Stones tiles - I think that's the smart thing to do.  Still under budget if only just.

No guarantees that it's going to stay that way, but...

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32 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

Wow, so we even have a Kitchen Sink expansion where everything goes!


This is the one I *really* did not expect.




Now I'm curious to know if the center is removable or not? Because I remember thinking during RCon how a colored transparent base could make an interesting portal effect.


Since it'll be made of Bonesium or the harder plastic, it shouldn't be too complicated to it at home.


No, not removable as sculpted.  In fact, the whole disc is sculpted on an old pizza cutter blade.



31 minutes ago, Ratmaster2000 said:

But no breadbox?


Sorry, not this time. I did sculpt a nice chest last time that your PCs can use to store their bread.

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5 minutes ago, Doug Sundseth said:

My wife's response to seeing the new expansion:


"Gasp! Reaper hates me! Is it worth $50?"


Me: "That's only the first part."


"What have you gotten me into!"



First part of four .....

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20 minutes ago, Chris Palmer said:




Ah, email hand arrived yet.  Now I see.






And cavalry!!!  I know some folks (including me) who are going to be happy about that.   Just too bad it's not in its own set that you can order multiples of.  


Thats a pretty amazing expansion.   Here's betting the Cat Dragon is in there somewhere...




16 minutes ago, Rotiahn said:

Paging @Dilvish the Deliverer, something something CAVALRY

Yep!  I'm already plotting my revenge by cornering the market on Overlord Cavalry when they hit retail.

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